Veteran's Career Aspirations: Navigating Future Paths


Embarking on this reflective essay, I, a seasoned 13-year Army veteran, aim to present a narrative that encapsulates my diverse skill set and aspirations for future employment. Through a nuanced exploration of my background, skill acquisition, and targeted company choices, I hope to articulate the essence of what makes me a unique and valuable potential employee.

Background and Skills

My journey encompasses a rich tapestry of experiences, primarily as a supply sergeant in the military. This role not only instilled in me a profound understanding of different operating systems but also fostered a spirit of commitment, loyalty, and ambition.

Complementing this military tenure, I ventured into customer service roles at Taco Bell, various banks, and my current employment, amplifying my skill set and practical insights.

What sets me apart is the amalgamation of skills derived from this varied professional background. It has equipped me to approach problem-solving with resourcefulness and versatility. Additionally, my knack for working effectively with minimal supervision has been a consistent strength throughout my career.

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Companies of Interest

Looking ahead, my gaze is fixed on three companies that align with my career trajectory and personal ethos: the Department of Veterans Affairs Human Resource Department, the Department of Defense, and University Hospitals. Each choice is underpinned by unique considerations, reflecting not only my professional goals but also my personal values.

Department of Veterans Affairs Human Resource Department

The allure of the Department of Veterans Affairs Human Resource Department lies in its position as the forefront of technological innovation within integrated healthcare.

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Beyond the cutting-edge facilities, the prospect of leadership positions beckons, aligning seamlessly with my military background. As a disabled veteran, the resonance with this field becomes more than professional; it's a personal calling. The potential to transfer military time to the civilian side for retirement benefits adds another layer of appeal, making it a holistic choice driven by passion and pragmatism.

Department of Defense

My current role as an Administrative Assistant for the Army Dental Laboratory within the Department of Defense has provided firsthand insight into the organizational dynamics. The benefits, including generous leave time, sick leave, and a government-matched retirement fund, underscore the appeal of this choice. However, a poignant realization lingers; the lack of room for advancement within my current office prompts me to explore other avenues within the Department of Defense where growth opportunities align with my qualifications. The Federal Student Loan Repayment Program for certain positions adds a further layer of attractiveness, making it a compelling choice despite the present limitations.

University Hospitals

While lacking military affiliation, University Hospitals emerges as a third but no less important choice. As the second-largest acute care hospital in the region and the only Magnet Hospital in the surrounding areas, it promises a dynamic and impactful work environment. My prior experience in the labor and delivery department positions me as a valuable asset to their team. The enticing benefit packages, featuring flexible shifts, opportunities for advancement, and additional perks like tuition repayment and scholarships, make this hospital an appealing choice in the medical landscape.

Methods for Contacting Companies

Understanding the significance of effective communication in the employment pursuit, I've outlined the best methods for reaching out to these companies.

All three hospitals facilitate online applications, streamlining the initial step for interested candidates. University Hospital further provides a local phone number, fostering direct inquiries and a more personalized approach. However, for the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs, the application process involves an online submission complemented by supporting documents. These documents include previous job ratings, military discharge papers (DD 214), and relevant transcripts—a meticulous but necessary step in the application process.


In conclusion, this reflective journey encapsulates not only my professional trajectory but also the intricate interplay of personal values and aspirations. As I navigate potential opportunities with the Department of Veterans Affairs Human Resource Department, the Department of Defense, and University Hospitals, I am driven by a passion for healthcare and a commitment to contributing meaningfully to these esteemed organizations.

Reflecting on the dynamic employment landscape, it is evident that technology plays a pivotal role. Whether through online applications or direct inquiries, the application process has evolved. Yet, the timeless importance of personal connections and knowing someone within the organization remains a potent avenue for opening doors to opportunities. As I step into this phase of potential transition, armed with a wealth of experiences and a clear vision for the future, I recognize that the journey ahead is not merely about finding a job but aligning my skills and passion with an organization that values and nurtures both.

Updated: Jan 02, 2024
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