Personal Branding Plan Paper Essay

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Personal Branding Plan Paper

I am a 13 year Army Veteran, with commitment, loyalty, ambitious but also practical. I am continuing to learn and grow within my position. I was a supply sergeant in the military where I gained knowledge in different operating systems. I also have background in customer service from Taco Bell, numerous banks and my current employment. I believe that I’m a better employee because I’ve attained a lot of assorted skills from the different employments I have had over the years. These skills help me to work out problems resourcefully. I have always been good at working with little to no supervision. Identify 3 to 4 companies you want to work for and explain the reason why. Identify the best methods for contacting the companies and engaging those who might influence the hiring decisions.

One company I would love to work for is the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Human Resource Department. Another company would be the Department of Defense. Another company is University Hospitals. I want to keep my talent in the medical or dental fields. I will summarize the reasons for employment at the various locations. As an employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs Human Resource Department I would be working for the leading most technological cutting-edge integrated health care facility in the Nation. I would have various opportunities for leadership positions at my disposal. With me having ties to the military and a disabled veteran I feel it is only necessary to continue in a field I am so passionate about. If I was to be hired at a Veterans Hospital I could transfer my military time to the civilian side to retire using both military and civilian time as time served. I will also get some of my same benefits as if I were still in the military. At this present time I am currently working for the Department of Defense as an Administrative Assistant for the Army Dental Laboratory. The benefits are outstanding; you receive 6 hours of paid leave time per pay period (Annual Leave, 2001).

I also receive sick leave pay which is 4 hours per pay period. The Department of Defense also has a retirement fund that you can contribute to and the government will match my contributions up to five percent. Did I forget to mention I get paid holidays; my only complaint here in this position would have to be there is no place for advancement in this office. Other places in the hospital where I am qualified to work there is room for advancement. The Department of Defense also has a Federal Student Loan Repayment Program for certain positions. The University Hospital here in Augusta would also be a top contender in my choices of places to work. Even though it has no affiliation with the military I would consider this hospital a third choice. It is the second largest acute care hospital in the region; it is the only Magnet Hospital in the surrounding areas. I would be a great asset to the University Hospital because of my previous experience in the labor and delivery department.

The University Hospital likewise has eye-catching benefit packages. They have flexible shifts, opportunities for improvement to better positions, tuition repayment, and scholarships. The hospital in addition to the other benefits they have wellness education, a uniform shop on the premises, a credit union, and retirement funds. The University Hospital has 14 hospital or clinics in the surrounding area. Identify the best methods for contacting the companies for employment. All the hospitals applications are online for interested people to apply for the positions. The University Hospital has a local phone number you can call to inquire about certain positions as well as online applications.

With the Department of Defense and Department of Veteran Affairs you have to apply online and in addition to the application you also have to submit supporting documents, to include previous job ratings. If you were ever in the military the DD 214 which is the discharge paper, any transcripts too. This paper has summarized my background and what makes me a unique person. Also it gives 3 companies I would like to work for and the reasons behind it. Lastly what is the best ways to contact the companies? Everyone is using some form of technology to get their future employees, by computers, telephones and even knowing someone at the company are the best way to get your foot in the door.

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