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Personal Assessment And Career Development Project

I was very happy to see that I scored very well on the assessments about self awareness. My test results showed me that I am very aware of other people, and this is essential because working as a manager involves being able to connect with people in the workplace. It also showed me that I apt enough to interact well with people. This is another good factor as it will help me lead and be involved in team work with my colleagues.

In the “How Confident Am I in My Abilities to Succeed? “ Test, I was given much of a good realization as it allowed me to get to know myself more.

Apparently, it shows that I can be self-sufficient on my own. Prior to this, I didn’t think that highly of myself and with respect to my ability to make it out there in this world. I have been sheltered all my life, as I lived with my mother up until the age of 27.

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Then I did get married, but it did not work out and here I am at the age of 29 going on 30, divorced and no longer able to stay at the house that I purchased 3years ago. I have now ended up back at my mother’s house after these failed attempts to be on my own.

I feel that the reason for my lack of success was primarily due to the fact that I felt that I needed someone else to help me make it.

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This test has in fact given me greater awareness of my capability. I now know that the strength needed to make it is something from within in me, and I must learn how to depend on myself before I can depend on others. I am now much aware that I can be independent and that I can make it. As such, this particular assessment made me feel really good about myself. I now know that I have to make the best of my situation. Things are much clearer to me than years ago.

I have been guided to discover who I really am, such as my inherent capabilities, and what I want, as I know focus on getting to where I want to be. A. Values I was also happy to see that I scored very well in the value assessment test. It showed that my morals directed toward the work environment were good. When I took the Jungian 16 personality test, I was not really surprised of the answers detailing the character that I have, namely warm, sensitive, unassuming and artistic, as these are traits I have known to be well how I am like. I would like people to know me as a manager who possesses these traits.

To be a leader is to gain the respect of others, and if I can do so as one they know they can approach, who is non-judgmental, warm, open-minded and understanding, rather than being a dictator, then I know I will be doing my job well. B. Motivation Insights: On the What Motivates Me test, I rated substantially satisfied on growth, relatedness, and existence needs. What I saw though was that in the existence need test, I scored higher relative to the others. This was interesting to see as it is true that I like attention when I do things that I put my best effort into.

So for work-related purposes, I know that if my employer doesn’t motivate me enough, I may lose interest in the position of even search for new employment. Therefore, I know this points out to two things. One, I must be able to interact well with my colleagues, so that I am in a position to receive feedback and motivation from them, as this is a driving factor for myself. Two, I must learn to find it within my to have self-driven motivation, such that if I am put in a scenario where other people are unable to give me the recognition or support that I need, I can the strength I need within myself t ride out a storm.

In terms however of growth and relatedness, my needs were scored in the middle average plan. This was reaffirmation of my own knowledge that as a person, I am always looking to see how I can grow and relate to things. C. Leadership I believe that I am reader to be a good leader as exemplified by my results on the motivation test. It showed I am indeed able to motivate others, and this I know is the main factor that separates and distinguishes a leader from everyone else. Furthermore, on taking the “What’s My Attitude Toward Achievement? ” test, received a very high score in terms of the happiness it gives me to see successful people rewarded.

I then scored low on favoring people not succeeding. This is very true and a characteristic of mine that will make me a good team leader, as it drives me to motivate others to success in the way I would want it for myself. I feel like if I were to be successful, I would want the same for others. I would certainly find fulfillment leading others to their dreams and being a part of their success. D. Career Goals Going over all my results for the assessments, I feel more confident that I will be able to make it out in the real world and conquer being a good manager.

As I am one who needs recognition by others to motivate me, but is driven as well by the fulfillment of helping others, an environment that would be good for me is one where communication between employees is open and encouraged. A culture where people work together in teams and move together toward the goal is ideal. Plus, an environment where I can make friends, such as a regular group to hang out with after work as a support squad, would be helpful as well. This kind of environment would further increase my motivation to manage other people and help them succeed.

I know that I can do this, and I am excited to do so. As I am open-minded and unassuming, I know that being global will never be a problem. I place no judgments and will be there for any of my people that need help, giving the best of my abilities in support. Stress however is constant in all working environments. I believe my capability to handle it in a turbulent situation will stem from two factors. The first is my confidence in myself to manage a situation, one that I have gained more of through these assessments and self-discovery activities. The second is my unity with the team.

If I work in an environment suitable for me as described, my inner strength to deal with stress will increase as my desire to help the team and give my all to motivate them increases. II. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: I learned in my basic personality test that I scored high in extraversion. This is a major strength as it fits that part of my personality that likes to communicate once I am comfortable with each person. This will allow me to work with people, interact with people and interrelate with people, these being characteristics essential to every good manager.

The act of being global in management stems from a capability to bring people together to work well in a communal environment, free of wall and inhibitions. I believe that the extrovertive side of my nature gives me the capacity to carry this out. On the “What’s My View on the Nature of People? ” test, I scored 27 and that means that I am flexible with the perceptions of others. This strength is one that allows me to be open to the beliefs and cultures of people who are different from that of myself. It allows me to get to know each individual, so I can at least understand why they think and do what they do.

It allows me to understand how people react and think, further helping me to be fair to each person despite any differences, something I believe is important in a manager so that people feel that they are taken care of equally and treated well. Weaknesses : A main weakness is that I don’t like dealing with people who are opposite of those qualities that I possess. I know this will affect me because of the diversity of people in a workplace. I have to work on being able to adjust to people who are of different qualities, so I may work well in harmony with them. I also scored low in openness to experience.

This stems from some degree of confidence in myself I have to gain. I agree that if I think something may be hard, I have apprehensions starting it. However, I also do know that once I am exposed to whatever new procedures there are, I can catch on pretty fast. Opportunities: On the “What Are My Course Performance Goals? ” test, I noticed that I do want recognition of my hard work. This is something that can externally increase my motivation to succeed at work. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. Recognition as simple as that from my close friends and relatives are good enough for me.

If I can find a workplace where my boss gives me credit for what I do, and a good circle where encouragement is available, then these will definitely be outside factors that can strengthen my resolve. They will help me see myself in a good place in life as one who is appreciated. Threats: Threats from the outside world that can be of detriment to my career are basically the factors that go against my ideal environment. If I were thrown in a world where the workplace was cold and people did not interact, I would feel very alone and this would make it harder for me to motivate myself.

Plus if my boss and friends were not available to give recognition and support, I could lose my drive or feel disheartened. III. Strategies for career development In order to be able to fully maximize myself in the work setting, the important thing is that I am ready to deal with situations I may face when dealing with employees. It is realistic to think that the workplace will never be ideal, and some people will be difficult. What I believe is the best strategy for me is always to keep a possible outlook and to remember what I have learned from this study.

I have seen that if I just believe in myself, I have the capability to motivate and must be confident in my passion to connect with people. I believe if I just do my best, all other things will follow. It is true that along the way, I want to move up the chain of command, get promotions and the like. However, I think right now the best strategy is to focus. If I just focus and being the best I can be, working hard, and maintaining good relationship with my boss and peers, I will find my place in the work environment and before I am aware of it, already be progressing forward. IV. Optimum Job and Setting For the What Are My Dominant Needs?

Assessment, I scored a 17 on autonomy, as it is true I value independence. I prefer to be free and work under my conditions once I am trained well enough to perform. The power assessment showed that I enjoy being a leader, but I won’t step on anybody’s head to get to a manager’s position. Given these it is clear what setting I prefer. To be in a place where I am given freedom to work in my own method, provided I get the job done, where I am able to communicate and work well among my colleagues, to lead when necessary and to foster good camaraderie, is definitely one that will suit me and cater to all my strength and needs.

Being a sociable person, who takes pride in the help given to others, this will give me the fulfillment I need to be a part of the work team, and bring me the inner motivation to excel and do my best each day. Additional perks that would certainly help are good pay, a good title, good vacation time, job security, flexible schedules, a chance to advance, and pleasant working conditions. Each of these would be further incentives to give me every reason to pour out my best efforts and push myself to the best limits I can achieve.

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