People`s Preference: Cake versus Pie

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Did you know that “About 186 million pies are sold each year in grocery stores alone.” (Tippin’s Pie 2). This shows how pie is more efficient and well sold. Both cake and pie can have their ups and downs, but pie is obviously finer. Now you may think they are pretty similar, but pie is nothing compared to cake. Gaerlan Sji states that “Another reason why pie is better is that it encourages sharing” (Pie vs. Cake: Pro Pie). Not being able to share equally, may cause low spirits and selfishness.

Therefore, pie is more preferable than cake because it is healthier, has more flavors, and can be eaten on any occasion.

Pie is more preferred than cake because it is healthier. People might think that pie is more in calories than cake, but it really depends on what the cake is and who made it. Apple pie and birthday cakes are one of the most common ones. An article states that “Apple pie has 296 calories in 1 slice in which is 125 grams.

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A birthday cake has 395 calories in one slice which is 85 grams”( #). Not only do you eat less calories, you get a bigger slice! Now when it comes to food, the bigger, the better. Most cakes contain buttercream frosting, in other words “creamy calories.” Specialists declare that “1 cup of buttercream frosting is 1148 calories” (Nutritionix). Now that’s just the frosting alone, there is still the rest of the cake to add up. Us humans can only eat so much, and a slice or two of cake can take away half of our daily needs.

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Pie is more preferred than cake because it has more flavors. Pie in particular can have more flavors or fillings than cake. There is pork pie, cherry pie, pecan pie, etc. Anything is good and tasty with pie, but cake is a whole other story. The writer states that “You can have flaky crusts or crumbly crumb crusts. You can have gooey fruit fillings or rich, dense custard filling” (Pie vs. Cake: Pro Pie). This shows that pies can have all types of crusts, and fillings. They can be dry or moist, sweet or bitter, and hot or cold. He even proclaimed that “You can have bright fresh berry toppings, or fluffy whipped toppings, or salty-sweet crumb toppings, or combinations of all the toppings!” Pie can have really anything in and on it, and it will still end up tasting extraordinary. Unlike cake, were you ever down for pork or olive cake?

Pie is more preferred than cake because it can be eaten on any occasion. Pie was made to be eaten any day and whenever. When eating something often, people might look at themselves differently. An article states that “To start off, people who usually eat cake ends up feeling bad for themselves right after feeling “fat” while pie eaters feel satisfied right after.” This means eating cake causes some people to feel negative self-picture, in other words “unhealthy or fat.” Another article states that “Pie for breakfast is an especially common option in the days after Thanksgiving, when a slice of pumpkin pie with coffee is a go-to morning snack” (You Should Be Eating Pie For Breakfast). This shows us that its common and normal to eat pie on any occasion like holidays, birthdays, parties, and even daily! Sure you can eat cake every morning as well, but just imagine how people will look at you that way.

To conclude, pie is definitely more popular than cake in many ways. Pie is more preferred than cake because its healthier, it has more flavors, and can be eaten on any occasion. Pie is a pretty popular food in the dessert and pastry element. It briefly has more fillings like fruits, vegetables, spices, and meat. It also is less in calories, and can be eaten any day. As a result, pie is of higher quality than cake.

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