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Pda Medication Reflective Account

Categories: HealthPharmacy

As a requirement of my role as Support Worker for Options Of Independence. I must support my service users with administering medication, in order for me to administer medication safely under the Royal Pharmaceutical Society guidelines, Handling Of Medication in social care 2007, and under Dundee City Council guidelines, I must check that the medicines are correct by checking the medication pack and label on the box must be by the pharmacist or dispensing gp, and identify the service user correctly. I need to know what the medicine is for and know if there is any precautions if medicine has to be taken with or after food or with water.

I supported service user M, who requires to be prompted to open blister pack and take her medication. I know service user M as I regularly visit service user M and I am there keyworker. This is under Scottish Social Services Council, codes of practice ,1.1 1.4 1.5 3.6 4.3 6.1. in the sssc book. As I know service user M and I am there keyworker I know service user M very well.

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I read over her support plan and check medication and mar sheet, I check her medicines from reading the patient information leaflet, check for any adverse reactions and side affects and any contra indications, a side affect is unwanted affect on the body, adverse reaction is an acute or server reaction that can be life threatening. This is under the care of standards. Side Affects, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, rash, weight gain and loss Adverse Reactions, severe rash, breathless, stomach pains, severe diarrhea, swelling, body temperature I have to comply under the Medicines Act 1968, and under The Royal Pharmaceutical Society guidelines and the Handling Of Medicines act 2007.

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This is under my responsibilitys as support worker and under the national care standards under support services that I am confident about healthcare needs and to make sure service user takes medication safely and in the best way that suits the service user.

If I was administering medication i.e an injection I would respect service users dignity and privacy and follow there personal plan. This complys with medicines act 1968 and the royal pharmaceutical society guidelines. also the handling of medicines act 2007. I went into service user M box where her blister pack and care plan are before i check anything i washed and dryed my hands and applyed my ppe, gloves and apron i then went and washed the medi cup and dryed it. I then checked care plan and mar sheet and checked the blister pack and patient information sheet i then used a popping technqiue to dispence the blister pack i also offered service user M glass of water which service user M prefers to take with medication this is stated in care plan i checked care plan and medication in blister pack to make sure that its correct as mistakes can be made with medication errors wrong labeling check name date next i would check for the correct route and time .

If I was usure about anything I would contact the pharmacist. I then mark the mar sheet using black pen in the appropriate boxes correct date and time. I make sure I obsserve service user M taking her medication and that it has been taken before I would mark mar sheet. When doing this I would look out for any side affects or adverse reactions if I did see any I would take further action and seek medical advice immedicatley and record my finding in mar sheet and daily notes and contact team leader. when marking mar sheet make sure my intials are clear and correct and all information is logged in daily notes and mar sheet. I make sure I put blister pack back in box where its kept and the care plan. as this is where storage is agreed to be kept. this is under the data protection act 1989 and with rules of codes of practice policy and prodcures.

If I discovered that service user M had unwanted medication in box I would fill out a medication disposal form noting what dosage and medication it is and how much, I would get the service users signature and return to the pharmacy and get them to sign there name as well. this form would be kept beside mar sheet this is under current policys and procedures, in doing this I have followed the legal rights. Right person, right drug, right doze, right route, ruight time, right documentation, right action, right response. this does not guarantee that medication errors wil not happen but will ensure safety and quality of care. There are a lot of laws and legislations to adhere when dealing with medication. the medicines act 1968. this regulates the supply and manufacture of medicines, prescription only drugs, are avavible only from the pharmacist if its prescribed by a doctor Pharmacy medicines only avaible from the pharmacist but without a prescription. and general sales list which can be bought from any shop without prescription.

The human requlations act 2012 this is for labelling of medicines you must have a label on any medcines including creams etc. the date of opening it and expiry date. The missue of drugs act 1973, this is how contolled drugs are stored. in residential they should be stores in a locked secure area, must be double locked cabinet and also secured to a wall. and to be checked evey 7 days. If its in a service users home they must agree where there to be stored where its accessible to the service user and the staff supporting service user, and must be recored in there care plan. must be suitable storage i.e locked in cabinet or a drawer. in a cool dry palce, some medicines might be stored in a fridege. Regulations of care Scotland act 2001, this was set up by Scottish commission and is to regulation of care and the Scottish social services. which makes up your codes of practice.

Scottish services council codes of practice makes sure that every care worker has a duty of care and has to comply with policys and procedures of codes of practice. Infection Prevention and Control comply with Control Of Substances Hazard to Health regulations, to prevent infection and germs, making sure service user is in agreement with how they would like to be supported with there medication and disposing of clinical waste. making sure my hands are washed and dryed before handling medication, before and after. not touching medication or waste directly,wear appropriate ppe gloves and aprons. when applying creams or patches washing and drying hands after removing ppe. Applying topical creams, as this can be absorbed threw your skin using gloves is for your own protection or you could absorb the medication to your skin. if you don’t follow these procedures medication can be compromised and they are open to infection from the staff member.

Communication is an important thing when administering mediation, is vital to avoid errors and mistakes. must be extend to members of the care team service user and there represntatives prescriber and the pharmacist one example would be identifying the person verbal verification of the right person is one method of correct indentfiation but it should not be the only methosd used. please tell me your full name is a better wat to confirm a person identity the name be verified on the mar sheet and the medication label . Diabetes both type 1 and 2 are often controlled by insulin regular blood glucose montiering helps you to know if there is a need to inform the person adinstering the insulin to enable them to make adjustmets to the insulin dose as with all blood glucose lowering treatmets the tasrget range for good blood glucose is between 4mmol/8mmols. unplanned exercise lack of food delay in taking food and injections into the same area persistently may lead to low blood sugars. if the service user experiences hypos they should discuss this with their gp or nurse so treatment can be reassessed.

There is not much information about cultural requiremnts and medication managementsome relgions include fasting and some people prefer not to have mecicnes given at certain times.some people would prefer to be given medicines by the same sex. there are also vegetarions that would prefer not to use certain medicnes if they ontain animal products. When administering medication to service user I would sate to the service user what the edication is for and why. i.e if the service user had a U.T.I ( urinary track infection),you would then communicate to service user that this is your antibiotic for urine infection, if the service user says I don’t have that, as service user can be confused due to having a urine infection.

I would check service users care plan, make sure correct medication and prescribed for the right reason if not sure I would seek medical advice. also insure that the service user has taken there medication by checking that they have swallowed and asking service user if they have taken there medciation, and I would stay with the service user and observe. check mar sheet if in any doubt, also remember that my role and responsiblty to the service user even after adminstering medication does not finish after I have administered the right medication check make sure no side affects or adverse reactions to the medication..

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