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Whilst on shift one day I needed to ask my key resident Mr H what clothes he wanted to wear for that day. Mr H is very hard of hearing but refuses to wear a hearing aid as he states they make his ears sore. Mr H has no speech difficulties.

Before I proceed with Mr H’s care I check his care plan where it is documented how he likes to be communicated with. Any changes to Mr H’s communication ability should be reported and documented straight onto a daily diary sheet and into his careplan where other staff members are able to see the changes noted.

I then knock loudly on Mr H’s door so that he is aware of my prescence and await his reply, he called for me to ‘come in’. On entering the room I proceed to where Mr H is sitting on the side of his bed. I kneel close to him and make eye contact, I begin speaking to him slightly louder than I normally would talk, slowly and clearly ensuring I don’t imput too much information into my sentences that will make it difficult for Mr H to follow.

I begin by saying ‘Good Morning’ to which Mr H replies the same clearly confirming he had heard me. I then ask him if he slept well to which he replied he had again confirming he had heard me. I then asked Mr H if he is ready to get washed and dressed, he didnt appear to hear me with no verbal response he tilted his head to the side and tapped his ear.

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This indicated to me that he had not heard what I had said. I gently put my hand on his to give him some reassurance and proceeded to repeat the question a little slower. Mr H nodded and smiled and verbally answered ‘yes’.

Next I asked Mr H what clothing he would like to wear that day, to assist me in doing this I indicated to Mr H with my hands pointing to my eyes to watch what I was doing. I went over to his wardrobe and opened it and took out a selection of shirts and held them up for Mr H to see. he chose which he would like to wear by pointing at the shirt and verbally confirming the colour he had chosen, I repeated this process with both his trousers and sweatshirt.

Mr H appeared happy with the way I was communicating with him as he smiled and nodded at me. I could tell if Mr H had understood or heard me correctly by his verbal responses and his facial expressions.

Whilst communicating with Mr H I reviewed his hearing ability by making a mental note of the times he hadn’t heard me correctly and compared this with the previous day, at present Mr H’s hearing ability doesn’t appear to have changed, I recorded this in the communication section of Mr H’s care plan where others could see there were no changes at present.

A short while later the nurse visited Mr H, to help support Mr H I privately, to ensure no breech of cofidentiality was broken, explained to the nurse the difficulties Mr H had with his hearing and explained to her the ways in which I communicate with Mr H in accordance to Mr H’s preferences documented in his care plan. They both appreciated this as there were no misunderstandings and they both fely more at ease with eachother. I then indicated to Mr H that I would leave them in private by pointing to the door and waving, Mr H nodded his understanding and waved back.

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