An account of my holiday

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On Sunday the 3 June I was on my way to India, on my own! It was my first time travelling on my own. My father and me travelled to Manchester airport we arrived at the airport at 11:00 PM and I boarded the plane at 12:00 AM. I landed in India at Mumbai airport at 3:00 PM on Monday the 4 June. When I reached India I phoned my friend to tell him to pick me up from the airport (it was very hot). When I reached his house I said hello to his family, unpacked my suitcase and I went to sleep (I was very tired).

I got up at 10:00 AM and brushed my teeth and went downstairs to eat my breakfast. After eating my breakfast my friend and me visited the Mumbai cricket stadium, it was very big (I love cricket). Some of the Indian cricket players were there practising I watched them. It was super we left at 4:00 PM and went back home to my friends house.

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After that my friend’s family and me went to eat at a restaurant it was very good. I reached home at 10:30 PM I was very tired and went to sleep.

I got up at 11:00 AM and ate my breakfast then I watched television at 1:00 PM my friend came back from college and we visited his friend’s house it was very funny we. It was very good I ate my lunch at 2:00 PM we left at 3:30 PM. At 4:00 PM we visited a public garden it was picturesque and very good I enjoyed it we left at 6:00 PM.

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When we reached home I had a shower and had a drink and listened to music on the radio and want to sleep at 9:00 PM.

I got up at 6:00 AM I was very tired, I was going to visit my relatives I was travelling by aeroplane. My friend and me travelled to the airport I boarded the plane at 7:30 PM I reached Calcutta at 9:00 AM. My cousins and my uncle picked me up from the airport and we travelled to their house. We arrived at their house at 11:30 AM and I greeted my grandmother and all my other cousins who had all come to visit me. I enjoyed talking to them it was very nice. At 2:00 PM I visited my cousin’s house and ate my lunch my cousins and me listened to music, watched television and talked it was super. I stayed at their house.

My cousins and me travelled to a shopping centre to buy presents for my family. It was very, very hot, I ate a lot of ice creams they were very good. After we had finished shopping we went to the cinema at 4:00 PM and saw a film it was good. Then we visited India garden at 7:00 PM it was very boring and annoying. We left there at 8:00 PM and we visited my grandmother again, I talked to my grandmother and had a shower and went to sleep.

I got up at 8:00 AM and brushed my teeth I was going to travel back to my friend’s house by aeroplane I was very, very tired. I said goodbye to all my family and my uncle and me travelled to the airport my grandmother was crying I was upset. We reached the airport at 11:30 AM I said goodbye to my uncle. I boarded the aeroplane at 12:30 PM on the aeroplane I ate my breakfast and watched a film. I reached Mumbai at 2:00 PM then my friend picked me up and we travelled to his house. Then I had a rest and went swimming at 4:00 PM after I went swimming I went to an amusement park at 6:00 PM it was very, very good I enjoyed my self. We travelled home at 10:30 PM.

I got up at 5:00 AM and dressed my self and said goodbye to my friends family and then my friend and me travelled to the airport we reached the airport at 7:30 PM and I said goodbye to my friend. I borded the aeroplane at 8:30 AM. I was very tired and went to sleep. I arrived at Manchester airport on Monday 11 June.

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