Pakistan and India: Political Matters

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Let us look at the political matters of both the countries. These countries have always got most of the corrupt and self beneficial political leaders which have always try to use media for their self interests. It is the reason that both the countries could never developed any friendly relations with each other. It is due to the governments because they better know the minds of people of both the countries which are always ready to fight due to the wrong ideologies set up in their minds.

Political parties try to cause conflicts in order to get votes from the people. There is a large number of media groups which are in the favor of a single political party. The twitter accounts of journalists and political leaders have also been a platform to inflame the matters among the nations.

Apart from all of this there is another side of the mirror which is not biased. As we all know that everything in this world has pros and cons, so media is also such type of thing which can cause some great and extraordinary benefits to the nations.

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There is a small number of channels which have tried to form peace among the nations. One such movement was named as ‘Aman ki asha’ which was brought up by the Jung Media group in Pakistan. “It seems that an interim solution is around the corner which may widen the scope of people-to-people contacts, free trade and business opportunities across the LoC”(Pak-India Peace Process: An Appraisal, Ershad Mahmud).

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These kind of movements should be increased in order to get more and more peaceful relations among the nations. They also supported the Vajpayee’s peace gesture in which he came to Pakistan via Wagah border after which he was warmly welcomed by the Pakistani Prime Minister and this whole incident was put up by the media. Some Pakistani Jihadi movements are also strongly discouraged by the media which is a good initiative. Jihadi movements have always tried to cause harms to the peace movements.

Concluding all this talk, it should be mentioned that media is causing some great threats to both the nations by setting up the wrong ideologies in the minds of the people, by increasing likelihood of causing damage to both the countries, and lastly by the more interference of political leaders in the media. There should be some precautionary measures that must be taken into account in order to lessen this role of media threatening the war on both the nation by keeping a proper check and balance on their news by the government. Apart from this, they should also check the validity of news before breaking it. “Demonstrations of illegitimate exertions of influence and other barriers to fair coverage are useful. Most often, however, these demonstrations concern relatively isolated instances and seldom can establish the significance of such factors in the overall determination of media favorability”(Bias Judgement of Media Bias: A case study of the Arab-Israeli Dispute, Neil J.Kressel).

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