Urgent Need for Organ Donors: Saving Lives Through Awareness & Action

Currently, 68, 000 Americans are waiting for an organ donation, with a name added to the list every sixteen minutes. Twelve Americans die every day because a needed vital organ is not available (Curtis 213). For those who do not know an organ is a part of the body having a specific function, such as a heart which pumps the blood through the circulatory system, or the liver which helps make proteins. These are the two main organs that people need who are on a waiting list for an organ and they may also be near the end of their life.

Someone who has an organ, or organs can be removed to be transplanted into another person is known as a donor. Society must increase the number of organ donors because people die daily due to an organ shortage. As a donor, you will provide help to someone who needs an organ and their subsequent family members. Once someone chooses to become an organ donor, they will be known as a selfless person.

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There are adults and children who seek help from a leading light.Because of the low rate of organ donors, we should strive to help the ones in need.

It is also now being discovered that the number of patients who are waiting for an organ is exceeded by the number of people who have registered to become an organ donor. Everyday a numerous amount of people are desperately waiting for an organ. The need for organ donors is growing. Kelly Joyce, PhD, is a professor in the department of Sociology at the center for science, technology and society at Drexel University.

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Joyce mentions a fact about individuals who decide to become a donor, and there are also potential benefits to bereaved families in being able to help others at the time of a loved one's death'. As stated in the introduction, everyday there are nearly 68, 000 people on the waiting list for an organ transplant and many more are added every day. Since one person carries multiple organs there is the potential to save more than one life with just 1 donor. Rather than having their organs decompose after death we should be pushing people to become organ donors. Although the death of a loved one is tragic event one person's death could mean several others lives.

One of the difficulties facing organ donation is a lack of awareness. More knowledge needs to be gained about organ donation. Doing so would create an easier time for people on the waiting list and their respective families hoping to reach the top of the list before their situation becomes critical. We can achieve this by changing the views on being an organ donor. As a parent if you show your children the benefits of becoming an organ donor, they in turn will have a higher likelihood of becoming donors themselves. With an increase in organ donation we will be able to save many more lives giving both clients a second chance at life. Many people do not sign up to become organ donors because they do not know what they will involve themselves in. Society is lazy to discover on own about the process including the significance and the meaning of donating. 'The public must be apprised of the need for donors and be aware that transplantation does work. The best people to do this education are organ recipients, this way people can see that organ donation does work and recipients can lead normal, productive lives'(Irving 28).

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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