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Essay on Online Education

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Online education vs. traditional classroom

retrieved from: http://itl.uconn.edu/studentguide/SH_Classroom_vs_Online.html, http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/similarities-between-taking-classes-online-campus-4755.html,http://educationportal.com/articles/The_Differences_Between_Online_and_Traditional_Classroom_Educations.html and http://bestonlineuniversities.com/key-differences-between-online-learning-and-traditional-campus-based-classes/...

Online Grading System

The context diagram illustrates the structure of the Online Grading System of Cauayan South Central School. It shows the relationship among the Administrator, Teacher’s, Students. The system has inputs like the student information, teachers information, and user information. To access to the system, the user enters the correct username and password. After the username and password validation, th...

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Online Education vs. Traditional Education

Attending school is challenging whether in a traditional classroom setting or attending school online as responsibility is the main factor. However, as an online student it is imperative to be organized, responsible, and maintain strict discipline in order to be a successful online student. These factors make attending school online much more difficult as it is magnified much more. References The ...

Online Education

Online education could be the tool of the future to provide the young and the old with schooling and instruction. It provides a cheaper way of teaching while still giving the student the material necessary for the class. Students learn responsibility through online education and will give them a reason to work hard during the class. All in all online classes will help provide many students with th...

Analysis of Communication Barriers to Distance Education

The answers are mainly concentrated upon main problems (barriers) to the successful completion of their distance education courses. Almost all responses are related to course issues, time issues, personal issues, administrative, and technical issues. Course related barriers are the lack of interaction, course structure and accessing resources. Barriers related with time were the lack of time, pers...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Another major disadvantage is the lack of interaction. You aren't in a classroom and don't have the opportunity to hear questions and discussion from other students. This isn't always an issue, depending on the subject of the online education course you are taking, but it could be an important factor in deciding whether an online education is the best option when seeking out opportunities fo...

Factors Affecting E-Learning

When educators integrate technology into a lesson, it requires new learning approaches to the curriculum in that it develops the ability to look at and explore information in new ways (Cohen 2001). Moreover, some studies show that technology can help by allowing learners to take a more active role in their learning through different instructional modes or methods (Kussmaul and Dunn 1996). Dewar an...

Distance Education Versus Face-to-Face Learning

Not only are travel costs and commuting time decreased, but the necessary housing costs and meal plans are also saved if one is required to move to campus for attending university. However, the "cost of training teachers, the cost of hardware and software, human resources such as technicians and other people involved are to be considered, we can say that establishing online education is not as che...


I will leave you with this conclusion. "Take the time to assess your readiness and reflect on the traits listed above. While you may be a natural at some, others will require your attention and efforts to improve. Allow yourself time to acclimate to the online learning environment and expect to make a few mistakes in the process. These lessons learned will move your forward in your higher educatio...

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