Coronavirus infection has elevated our world. The education calendar around the world has been disturbed. Some parts of the urban Indian education system have turned to providing education through internet - or online education.

The NCAER Skills Report 2018 discusses the immense potential of online learning, yet fills in for more traditional methods. In the current scenario, online education is becoming an alternative to traditional methods.

It is unfortunate that as educators and teachers, we as educators and teachers refuse to learn any meaningful lesson from the crisis facing humanity as a whole.

As the modernist notion of the coronavirus epidemic unfolds, we need to think and rethink what we have taken so far - our education code and our technological skills, or our pride in how intelligence is developed by universities.

The paradox, however, is that even at this moment of confusion, we fail to look beyond technology-management solutions; we will go beyond what is popularly known as online learning. The assumption is that the lock-up period should not be wasted; and students and teachers need to keep their normal digital functions alive, complete their online courses by completing their syllabus, and get their degrees in a timely manner.

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Therefore, it is assumed that nothing is more important than reading the same texts, completing the same tasks, and listening to the same discourse of the authors. Use technology, work from home, and continue educating yourself!

I see its ridiculousness. I think it is time for an honest and serious self-reflection; it is time to understand the deeper layers of our consciousness; it’s time to explore where we went wrong.

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Yes, it is time to rethink education. It's okay if we don't meet the official curriculum; For example, sociology students make no difference, even if they don't write another standardized paper on Max Weber's Protestant ethics and the spirit of capitalism, or that philosophy students miss the usual two discourses in Spinoza and Descartes. I think it is very important to learn the baggage of old knowledge and to obtain an object of existence in a period of existential and mechanistic uncertainty.

Most of India these days is internally locked. And many people spend a lot of time online, often looking for entertainment or education. But, like the real world, the virtual one also has class privileges.

Therefore, while many universities and colleges conduct online learning sessions, students from disadvantaged families or those living in remote areas cannot access the telegram, iCloud or even the Internet at the best of times.

It makes sense to set aside our isolated time for self-education. This will help to lift your life in the face of economic uncertainty, and learn a new skill that will give you a sense of control that can help you cope with the tension generated by the epidemic.

The digitally available lessons are not new, and have been evolving continuously over the past decade, for more sophisticated forms. The Internet is a treasure trove of amazingly well-managed content and teaching tools. Only Luddite will deny the positive revolutionary role played by many virtual sites in spreading knowledge by publishing ideas, tools, scholarships and ideas from ivory towers and making them accessible and usable to those with Internet access.

We can see the integration of these technologies in family life in a positive light in which the use of these technologies at home requires a new level of digital literacy, but there is an equally important detriment to the movement of work-related technologies at home. Technology is effective, but it is not a substitute for the classroom. '

I thought Skype, Google Classroom, Zoom, Google meet, etc. would better connect with students.

Teachers support online classes with extensive email or WhatsApp communication. There should be an interactive engagement with student responses to all of these subject and questions via online discussion sessions and email.

Although many follow the same pattern, the specifics vary from site to site. With big sites like EDX, coursera and Future Learner, you can choose courses that are affiliated with the university - so you know you are being taught by experts in this field. The courses have varying lengths - from a few hours to a regular, weekly commitment to several months - and usually video lectures, reading texts, and regular tests will test your memory and understanding of the curriculum.

The iDream Learning App was launched as a free and inclusive app to serve private schools and English medium students of the local language, last mile students of government schools and volunteer organizations.

In the current lock-down period when all our government and private schools and NGOs are closed, mobile use is the only way to ensure that engagement and education continue to reach our children in an interesting way.

The free app offers digital content for grades 1 to 12 and math, EVS, science, social sciences, commerce, English grammar, Hindi Viagaran and computers.

There are many apps and websites like above mentioned are seriously providing high quality education to students and educator all time. And these are very useful for us in the current situation of COVID 19 to improve our knowledge in some way better.

There is a huge time available for us to sculpt our self as well educated person. By following the above solution and using these technologies one can improve themselves as a great man.

Final year college students have great time for preparing themselves for upcoming placement interviews. There are several online platforms which helps the students in the view placements to crack that in the free of cost.

School students will definitely learn to use the technology and internet in the useful manner. These technology will definitely shape the school students into unique idol during this COVID 19 crisis.

Parents will definitely satisfy by seeing their children studying during this lockdown period effectively through online platforms.

Teachers will not suffer in rage of completing the academic syllabus once when the school or college gets reopen after this lockdown period.

Updated: Dec 06, 2021
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