One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Analytical And Symbolic Film

“He knew you can’t really be strong until you can see a funny side of things.” The hospital is bestowed as an allegory for the repressive society in the late 1950s. The novel commends the assertion of religious imagery as the end goal and discredits repression as it is founded on worry and detest. Bromden’s hallucination and somewhat paranoid worldview and McMurphy’s use of misconduct and satire to impair authority may indeed be comparable to Kesey’s outlook on the world.

Nurse Ratched is the villain of the novel. She sustains the readers’ hatred for her character for the span of the story through her measures and tone. Chief Bromden, the narrator, gives an insight into his mind and the institute. His vast past experiences away from, and inside of the ward, sculpt him to amount up to the person that he becomes in the cessation of the story.

People who are employed in these facilities such as mental asylums or orphanages must perpetually deal with and take in the emotional flare-ups and other severe manifestations of the distress experienced by their wards.

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Ratched illustrates order, dominance, the State, and the power that rules over typical citizens. She is, as a matter of fact, rather considerate to the patients who merely mind their own business and obeys the rules and their commands and only allows her frightful and most callous side to show when her jurisdiction is protested or questioned. Some of these heads like Nurse Ratched aren’t adept of handling the pressure in the absence of their own therapy, and emotions of helplessness and being cut off can amass and build up, like a snowball rolling down a hill.

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They need a way out, so they take it out on their patients, the very people they are expected to be caring for. Another way to examine the genesis of Nurse Ratchet’s cruelty is that it is not cruelty at all. How is the reader supposed to recognize that Bromden is recounting an accurate representation of what is occurring at the ward? Whilst his mind is occasionally in a ‘fog’, he, at times, can be perceived as more coherent than an average individual. Bromden frequently hallucinates events but his depictions add substantial coherence to the truth. That is the reason Chief explains, ‘It’s hard for me to have a clear mind thinking on it. But it’s the truth even if it didn’t happen.’ Nurse Ratched exemplifies the draconian dehumanization, and deprivation of the male’s part to play in his life or identity of modern civilization in Bromden’s words, the Combine. Her sobriquet is “Big Nurse,” which very well may be referring to an oppressive and omniscient administration.

Bromden characterizes Ratched as being like a machine, and her conduct corresponds to this portrayal; also her name is reminiscent of a mechanical instrument, sounding like both “ratchet” and “wretched.” She set her foot in the novel, and the ward, “with a gust of cold.” Ratched has total jurisdiction over every minute detail of the ward, as well as nearly sheer control over her very own emotions. In the first few pages, we see Ratched show her “hideous self” to Bromden and the aides, only to regain her doll-like composure before any of the patients catch a glimpse. Her aptitude to present a false self encourages that the mechanistic and dictatorial forces in society reap ascendance by virtue of the corruption of the powerful. In the absence of being mindful of the suppression, the quiet and submissive, at a snail’s pace become weakened and are systematically included.

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