Teaching was always a lifelong dream of mine.  At the time when I matriculated in the year 1998 I never had admiral marks to be accepted at a University. A year ago I was granted the opportunity by the University of the Western Cape to study teaching as a foundation phase teacher.  In this essay I will be explaining why I chose B.Ed foundation phase degree programme. I will explain my personal, inspirational, financial and social reasons and how I can give back to the community by teaching foundation phase learners.

Personally, I always had a passion to work with children. I always wanted to make a difference in the lives of children.  My goal is for children to work hard and always try to deliver their best.

I want to be that teacher that impacts my children lives, not just in the classroom, but in their everyday lives. I would like to be part of what they ultimately become in the future ex lawyers, doctors, pilots and civil engineers.

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Connecting with my children as a teacher and  trying to help them wherever I can.  I want to help a child that is shy and has difficulties at home to develop their fullest capabilities.   Furthermore, I want my learners to learn the knowledge I have gained, and I want to learn from  them. To teach can be a very rewarding career. Furthermore, I was also inspired by my 6th grade teacher Mr Plaatjies. Every day he would speak to his learners about how education can make a big impact in your life as an individual and how you should stay positive, driven and focused throughout your school years.

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He was somebody that cared a lot about his students. He always told his learners that being a teacher in never boring. Teacher’s days are never the same and when you are a teacher you meet many people.  Being a teacher you experience challenges and you discover daily things and that is what makes being a teacher so exiting.  He was somebody that always invested himself in his students and created a positive atmosphere in his classroom.  That is what I want to expose my learners too.  I want my learners to think of me as a caring, friendly and a warm teacher.  One day when they married and have their own children they will come back to me and say I was a student in your grade 3 class and because of the impact you made in my life I am a doctor today.

I also chose foundation phase teaching for flexible hours, holidays and job security. Knowing that I will be at home with my children in the afternoons and weekends is imperative for me. Spending my time with my family during the summer holidays are also very important for me and knowing that I am going to get paid while I am at home during the holidays is huge for me. Having a career as a teacher also means that you have job security.  I also believe that there will always be jobs available for teachers especially in urban areas.  I believe that teachers can always develop their knowledge and skills and being a professional teacher can help you increase your salary yearly.  I also believe that there will always be a need for well-qualified teach.

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