Obstacles in Pursuing an Education Essay

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Obstacles in Pursuing an Education

Obstacles in Pursuing an Education

Pursuing an education doesn’t always go as smoothly as we wish. In today’s society many people believe indulging in corporate jobs, and businesses is the only way to be successful. In most cases the way to achieve this is for students to further their education beyond just a high school diploma. In the Midst of reading “A Homemade Education” written by Author Malcolm X, I have come to realize that sometimes people have to work hard to overcome inhibitions, and setbacks. Students need the ability to overcome common obstacles, an essential factor for pursuing and education. The most common of obstacles include paying tuition, self-discipline and even just a lack of retaining knowledge as easy as others. Paying school tuition, for some people, can be the biggest obstacle to overcome .While some people grow up into a family with riches and inherit all of their families assets, others have to make it own their own. In order to have a top notch education, to fit into a top notch society, you must have top notch dollars. Although it seems to be impossible to do without plowing into debt, earning tuition can be hard; yet reachable goal. Financial aid, student loans, scholarships and much more are available for people to take advantage of.

Every small amount counts! How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Suppose Money isn’t the obstacle. Sometimes self-discipline for some can be a huge factor in staying committed to pursuing an education. What if its wasting money that is at stake? In some cases students get enrolled into college, get comfortable with their environment, and slack off. They start procrastinating and coming up with reasons to put off til tomorrow what can be done today. Staying focused and disciplined can be a huge issue at times. Not only is it important to stay focused, but is of great importance that you stay motivated. Some people find it hard to retain knowledge as well as others. Its not always easy just show up to class and understand every minute of a lecture. That is why it’s imperative for students to study and go beyond the bounds of the classroom to obtain knowledge. Malcolm X wasn’t the brightest bulb on the tree, but in his own personal studies he overcame that. Malcolm wanted to be able to speak with intelligence, and read a book and understand. “I saw that the best thing i could do was get hold of a dictionary”, Malcolm wrote as he reflected his essay “A Homemade Education”.

Malcolm didn’t sit around and wait for intelligence to come to him, he went after it. There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life and your career, and so we seek to a higher level of education. Paying tuition, self-discipline and even just a lack of retaining knowledge can be in the way of pursuing an education. Not everything comes with ease, and that is why we have to learn to overcome the common obstacles in life.

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