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Nursing Statement

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (960 words)
Categories: Nursing, State
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Nursing is a profession which I always look upon with respect and also wish one day I can join the group of thousand of healthcare workers over the country to lend hands caring for patients. I always have such a deep passion in helping and caring for others ever since I was as little as seven years old. This passion resulted from me witnessing my grandmother’s traumatic injury. With just one wrong step, my grandmother has fallen from the top of a stairway and broke her hip.

At the time, I was the only one at home with her and I was scared for the moment.

However, to see her helpless and so much in pain, I ran to my aunt’s house next door for help. My grandmother then was quickly taken to the emergency at the local hospital. There, many nurses and doctors praised me for saving my grandmother. After that incident, I made a promise to myself that I would always keep an eye on my grandmother and never let her fall again.

And that day when the all the nurses and doctors praised me for saving my grandmother, I also thanked them for making her walk again.

The miracles they’ve performed allowed me to realize that I can become one of them so I can save many others. Since I have known for many years that I will enter the field of healthcare, I decided to major in Biology. Learning the life of structures from as small as a cell to a human body has truly amazed me. In addition, I was also in labor at a hospital surrounded by a dedicated healthcare team. The nurses there have helped spark my intense interest in the area of nursing. As a new mother I want to learn all that I can about infant health.

As a result, my goal is to become a pediatric nurse so that I am able to utilize what I have learned about infant health to help other mothers. My short-term goal is to complete my Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing at Emory University and to later study toward a MSN Degree in the area of pediatric. Emory’s School of Nursing ranks in the top 25th among nation best nursing schools for the year 2012 according the U. S. News and World Report. In addition, I personally have known several friends who had graduated from Emory Nursing who also spoke highly about the program.

Through them, I have learned a lot about the program. Clinical rotation plays a very important part in the nursing training process. Therefore, at Emory, nursing students have many opportunities to expose to variety of clinical settings. Under the Emory Healthcare systems, students rotate through emergency room, operation room, ICU, radiology, geriatric center, pediatric hospital … etc. I believe that the experience which students have gained will be a huge advantage once they graduate. At a result, I decide to choose Emory’s school of Nursing to start my journey of becoming a nurse.

My inspiration of becoming a nurse continues to take shape throughout my undergraduate study at the Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. Here, I further explored my keen interest in the healthcare field after taking the Anatomy and Physiology class. Moreover, I became a teacher assistant for a Biology class. It was such a great joy and experience to help other students. I have a strong appreciation for academics, especially, for life sciences. This will enable me to do well in the nursing program.

I enjoy working with people, being part of a team, and have often find myself in leadership positions with respect to my peer, all of which have help me for further study towards becoming a highly efficient nursing professional. Besides my academic knowledge, my healthcare experience makes me become a stronger candidate for Emory Nursing program. Since 2008, I have been a full-time pharmacy technician at Anaheim Regional Medical Center. By working closely to the pharmacists, I have the opportunity to learn more about drugs, nutrition and their interaction and affect.

Moreover, I enjoy delivering medications to the floors where I am able to observe nurses at their duties. Seeing their dedication in accommodating the patients’ needs has well earned my admiration. It also prepares me for what lies ahead in my career as a nurse. At Anaheim Regional, I also volunteer as a Vietnamese interpreter for patients. My greatest intentions are to try to bridge the language gap between patients and healthcare workers and also improve my medical terminology vocabulary.

This is important to me since I live in an area where so many of my patients will be able to meaningfully communicate in Vietnamese. I believe that I have had significant experience working in the healthcare field to know that becoming a nursing professional is definitely the right career choice for me to make. Healthcare workers, especially nurses in particular play a very important part of the patients curing and healing process. The ways a patient and their families are treated leave a lasting impression on how they view the healthcare professionals.

As a future nurse, I want to impress patients and their families with superior patient care skills. Most importantly, I want to contribute to the society by making a difference in someone’s life every day. The more I know about nursing, that more I find myself attracted to the challenges and diversity of this profession. This career path offers endless opportunities to advance my knowledge. I now feel I am at a time in my life where I am ready to take my experience further and train as a nurse and uphold to the professional standards. Thank you in advance for your generous consideration of my application.

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