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No to School Uniforms

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (892 words)
Categories: Dress Code In School, School Uniform, Wearing School Uniforms
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Views: 69

All over the world, the topic of school uniforms is a large problem. People are discussing if school uniforms are good or bad. This essay will be showing the bad things that come from having a uniform within schools. Individuality is important for students when expressing themselves. Uniforms cannot reduce bullying any more than regular wear in and out of school. Expenses become an issue purchasing high priced clothing compared to optional clothing prices.

Uniforms have good discipline but are not well enough to solve all matters. Although uniforms cover inappropriate attire and create less school crime, problems can’t resolve to put the same outfit on students.

People tend to become known by individuality. It’s what makes them recognized by others first. Every person has a style, it’s how they express themselves.“The common reason students don\’t like school uniforms are they go against their ability to express individuality through clothing styles” (Kokemuller).

School uniforms get in the way when it covers up the style the person wants to show. Private schools are strict when items are added onto or with the school uniform. Items like logos, decore, emblems, or anything that looks gang-related is not allowed on the uniforms. Every school with the uniform policy also has certain colors that are not allowed with the uniforms. Wearing uniforms is supposed to make it look like a symbol for the school, yet to the student, it seems like they lose their individuality! People like to stand out with their style and uniforms don’t help with that. Social media is a big effect on expression and individuality. Students are on it every day and learn more about it. Others on social media express themselves through pictures, videos, and comments. Students get ideas and can’t express the style they want because of their uniforms. Individuality is needed in times of growing up to find a sense of personality. School uniforms don’t let important things like individuality happen.

Wearing school uniforms does not reduce bullying. Students can get teased no matter what they wear; there will always be judged. “Uniforms can’t hide your personality. Being bullied is just as likely when you are in uniform as when you aren’t in uniform.” (Doyle). Uniforms make outfits the same, not the students. The uniforms can change the amount of bullying in schools but not most of them. All students have a different personality, and it can cause them to be the target of a bully. It doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich, straight or gay, sad or happy, there will always be a person who is targeted by another for bullying. Bullying happens right under the parents\’ noses. No matter the outfit or personality, a bully always finds a way to ambush the victim. Uniforms seem like a cover-up to make it look like students will do better than a student in a casual dressing school. School uniforms make the same everyday outfit, not a change in students’ actions.

Expenses are a problem and a solution for school uniforms. Uniforms are costly when it comes to low-income families that want a good education for their children. It causes many to go into debt because of the prices of their education. “For children themselves, the cost of school uniform can have a serious impact” (Reed). Students get into trouble over the uniform. If the wrong piece is worn that day, or it doesn’t fit, they are sent home. Students prefer being pleased with the way the uniform fits them. Students can’t deal with uncomfortable clothes, and parents can’t afford to fit the clothes to their child. It already costs enough purchasing. Plus there are extra expenses for other clothing like coats and shorts on top of the regular uniform. A regular student without uniforms can range to the same pricing of their wardrobe as it would for a student with uniforms. Schools without uniforms have students that have the option of purchasing so many amounts of clothing. So some parents wouldn’t be going into debt over not having the option to not purchase as much. It also ranges from the job of the parents and their income. Some are more than average, some are below average. Expenses are costly for both uniforms and regular wear. Schools with uniforms just don’t have the option of being cheaper with the pricing of clothing or extra wear.

School uniforms achieve disciplinary acts. Students focus more on education when they are less focused on appearance. “When discipline is practiced, it can be applied to other aspects of life. Children in school uniforms may find it easier to stay focused on their studies, complete homework after school, build friendships, or prepare themselves for a vocational career” (Regoli). Students that are allowed to dress freely are more distracted from their studies with things like hair colors, piercings, fashion, and trending options. Plenty of these throws off students’ focus in school. Discipline can help maintain behavior and obey rules for a student; uniforms are a good way to mount that. Uniforms are great enforcers to have in times of hurries to school or making what to wear easy. Discipline motivates students to concentrate on studies and academic matters. Having uniforms get students to a higher level of education as it takes ease off the pressure of looks, impressions, and other factors of self expression.

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