New Heritage Doll Company: Capital Budgeting

The New Heritage Doll Company’s Vice-President of Production, Emily Harris, had to decide which of two proposals she should approve for the company’s upcoming capital budgeting meetings. The first project involved expanding an existing “Match My Doll Clothing” line, which had a proven record of success in the past. The second project introduced a new initiative called “Design Your Own Doll”, which used a web-based software enabling users to customize a doll’s features to the customers’ specifications. To help Emily reach her decision, I will calculate the Net Present Value (NPV) of both projects to find out which project is more profitable.

In the financial analysis of both projects Emily was given the following assumptions:

1. Operating projections were used to develop cash flow forecasts and then to calculate Net Present Value, Internal Rates of Return, payback period and other investment metrics. The cash flows excluded all financing charges and non-cash items (i.e. depreciation), and were calculated on an after-corporate-tax basis.

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The New Heritage’s corporate tax rate was 40%

2. Discount rate was set at 8.4% – for medium-risk project

3. NPV calculations included a terminal value computed as the value of a perpetuity growing at constant rate. I computed Free Cash Flows (FCF) to find out the actual amount of cash from operations that the company could use in developing its new projects. I calculated the terminal value for 2020 as projected FCF in the first year beyond the projection horizon divided by discount rate of 8.4% less the perpetuity growth rate, which in this case was 3%.

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According to my calculations the MMDM’s terminal value in 2020 is 16,346,000 and DYOD’s is 27,486,000.

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New Heritage Doll Company: Capital Budgeting

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