Understanding Budgetary Slack in Organizational Budgeting

Budgetary slack, a prevalent phenomenon in organizational budgeting, refers to the intentional adjustment of financial estimates in anticipation of future cash flows. It involves deliberately underestimating revenues or overestimating expenses within the budgeting process. For instance, if a plant manager expects raw material costs to be RM250,000 but presents a budget projection of RM300,000, a RM50,000 slack is embedded into the budget. This practice is commonly observed in participative budgeting, where a wide array of employees contributes, offering more opportunities to introduce budgetary slack into the financial plan.

Reasons Behind Budgetary Slack

Managers engage in the creation of budgetary slack for various reasons, shedding light on critical aspects of organizational behavior and decision-making processes.

1. Self-Interest Behavior of Managers

One primary motive for creating budgetary slack rests in the self-interest behavior of managers. When top-level management exerts significant pressure on lower-level managers responsible for budget preparation, the latter tend to introduce slack to make the budget appear achievable, thereby evading the weight of potential failure.

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The desire to demonstrate successful budgetary performance leads managers to set lower performance benchmarks, often understating their actual capabilities. This strategic manipulation aims to garner favorable evaluations and build a positive reputation within the upper echelons of management.

Furthermore, managers have an incentive to overstate project costs deliberately, thereby incorporating budgetary slack. This strategy allows them to present the completed project as coming in under-budget. In instances where the actual project cost falls below the exaggerated cost projection, managers are perceived as adept at efficiently managing project expenses.

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2. Information Asymmetry

Another critical factor contributing to the creation of budgetary slack is information asymmetry within organizations. Managers, being in closer proximity to decision-making environments, often possess privileged access to private information compared to their superiors. Leveraging this information advantage, managers may selectively disclose information to superiors, painting a distorted picture of business prospects and strategically creating budgetary slack.

For instance, a manager might withhold information about alternative suppliers offering raw materials at a lower price, thereby influencing the budgetary estimation process to their advantage. This intentional concealment of pertinent information during budget preparation perpetuates the presence of slack in the budget, obscuring the true financial realities of the organization.


Understanding the intricacies of budgetary slack in organizational budgeting illuminates the multifaceted nature of managerial decision-making processes. While factors such as self-interest behavior and information asymmetry contribute significantly to the deliberate introduction of slack into budgets, acknowledging these dynamics aids in devising strategies to mitigate its adverse effects on organizational performance.

Updated: Jan 10, 2024
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