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Network Administrator Career Episode

Career Episode – 3


CE 3.2

Being a network administrator definitely involve roles and responsibilities on multiple fronts and coming from similar work background in my previous projects, I had taken an internship as a Network Admin in a reputed company. Along with the Network Administrator position, I had taken the role as a system administrator in few areas to intricate communications for strengthening planning skills towards network administration. In the same way, as I was intended, I had carried out my internship under the guidance of Senior Level Network Administrator.


CE 3.2.1

Right from the start, I was believed that it was a clear opportunity for me to enhance my skill set and earn experiences towards network administration, network planning, understanding of the network infrastructure and more with respect to the organization. At the time of my tenure during the internship, I worked in the areas of Network planning in general, setting up network infrastructure along with the server’s installation in client organizations.

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Meanwhile, I assisted senior level Network Administrator, procuring of various resources, etc. I started with the LAN or termed as internal network planning and during this time, I investigated and analyzed several companies and their Network Infrastructure details on how the wiring in the sections of offices. Every time, I work I have kept quality in mind and in a similar manner, my Supervisor detailed right from 100M-bit TP network to the specification of network infrastructure. During the time I worked as Intern, the majority of the clients are from IT background, accordingly, I equipped servers based on PDC, and as well as file sharing namely of type NT 4 of capacity 30GB storage and 512MB of RAM.

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In a similar manner, I was involved in setting up internet connectivity based on the history of internet providers, set up network and server administration.

Aim & Objectives

CE 3.2.2

Aim: To plan, administer and setup network, server and internet along with looking after several issues faced by clients following of setup.


  • To administer installing and setting up of servers for file sharing and storing proposes and interacting with Java developers with respect to network connections and server software installations from Linux, etc.
  • To take care of Network and Communications as Network Administrator.

Organization Chart

CE 3.2.3

Roles and Responsibilities

CE 3.2.4

  • I have assisted in the planning of network for new branches for client companies along with the installation.
  • I checked the servers of type RAID-5 system from HP Company connectivity in the network.
  • I have installed domain controllers, which are needed for file sharing and enabled internet connectivity via the internet gateway.
  • Selected and short-listed the internet service provider for the new branch offices and enabled VPN based connections.
  • I was involved in administering of network, servers and workstations under the supervision of senior level Network Administrator.

Personal Engineering Activity

CE 3.3

Starting, I learned about the network developments, how an office room was connected to internal network and along with m research work along with going through network planning reports developed by senior-level administrators. My first week in the company continued with assisting Network Administrators, setting up of wiring keeping in mind about the client requirements. For connecting computers to a network, initially, I selected a TOP based network of 100MB as it was a safer option for me at that point of time after testing multiple cables right from regular optical ones to fibre based cables. During my tenure, I have visited multiple client companies for installing network cables as per the requirements are given to me with respect to server architecture. Every time, I was required or needed to speak with the Software Development team when it comes to PDS and file sharing servers, as I was only familiar with those types of servers and technically, they are practically viable for the software developers.

Internet Connectivity

CE 3.3.1

The selection of internet connection normally checked by with respect to the bandwidth speed, network reliability and outages frequency. From my basic understanding that majority of the IT companies I have worked involved in software development and practically they did not use particularly any internet-based services and with the respect that aspect, I decided a 512kbps line was viable and went ahead with the same. Next, I listed out multiple internet service providers who were offering reliable internet services in the area where I was operating. Keeping aside of deep sea and satellite connections to other geographic regions. After considering multiple considerations companies named Newton and as well as delDSL which was a new ISP were selected under a yearly contract. Sing Microwave link, the internet connectivity was established for the main head office and it was done based on the issues with respect to landline connections where I used to operate. Following that, for accessing or using of microwave hub, a microwave link was established with the help of SDSL connection. During the time I was working as an intern, I faced multiple issues like response time was taking around 300ms when VPM connection was used with respect to connectivity from service providers. Due to a technical constraint with respect to landlines, unstructured work in the areas company operated, it was ideal for me to monitor the network connection on a regular basis and I did the same while I used to work.

Network Administration

CE 3.3.2

Across the timeline of nearly three months, I have involved in the company under my internship, I spent most of my time connecting the network of the entire organization, which also involved connecting of servers, planning of servers based on the organization workload, managing and checking of the network hardware. On daily basis, I was allotted to evaluate organization’s overall network performance and if I find any issue like connectivity with the network hardware components like routers, switches, internet disruptions, hardware failures, etc. On the other hand, I have checked all the computer systems, which are connected in the network with respect to firewalls systems, and if I find any computer system that was connected to network lacking firewalls, I had installed and configured it. In case, if the employees wanted to connect VPN services, I setup VPN connectivity in a directive manner in a way that employees will have access to an organization’s internal information for business. At this time, I had even setup and connected various VPN connection in other branch offices of the organization. Every time, I connect VPN to another company or organization in another company using Newtron dedicated VPN it took me several hours.

Server Administration

CE 3.3.3

As I had said in earlier phases that used to work for administering of servers and the process actually started with the setting up of Windows NT 4 server to PDC and additionally for file sharing servers MS Exchange of version 5.5 was chosen. During the initial stages of my work, every time a senior level Network Administrator assisted me while I was administering of servers. In the later stages, I had installed and as well as configured Linux based server named office Solution Server based on NT type for the employees to use the server as a gateway for connecting to internet from organization’s network. Additionally, I had checked other control server, which was particularly dedicated to the development and for this VPN, was connected for availing information. Unlike other servers for this server, I used Newtron dedicated type server for revising with respect to CVS mechanism. After two months, I acted as one of the CVS Administrators particularly for the servers based on Newtron dedicated. In a similar manner, I connected other Newtron dedicated servers under CVS mechanism for running VPN operations in detail. Along with Java Developer, I assisted Network Administrator setting up CVS servers in different locations for synchronizing or enabling compatibility of using source code with the help of cronjob command via shell scripting. Technically, every company branch was installed with a hardware firewall, that was actually controlled and managed by Network Security Team, and these firewalls were setup based on Linux for better security. I was a part of the team in managing of those firewalls and I particularly worked on one of the two network cards; one was dedicated to hardware firewall and the other one was connected to LAN. I monitored the cache of the server, which stored related requests.

System Administration

CE 3.3.4

Apart from all the servers and network related components, I had administered various computer systems or workstation within the organizations. I was allocated to monitor the health and administration of 30 workstations, which comprises of similar configurations of Windows-XP, based operating systems. Using Norton Ghost software application, I had generated images and for the Software Developers have compatibility with their computer systems for not having technical issues or performance issues, installation and configuring of Borland JBuilder 3 was done. Apart from these, I monitored regular problems, which related to technicalities, etc. based on my knowledge and understanding.

Technical Difficulties Faced by Me

CE 3.3.5

The approval process before entering of Company was not a smooth one as I had to go through multiple nodules and tests for acquisitions so that I was held responsible processes that I had dealt with. Every administering process related to network, senior level engineer assisted server to me in a detailed manner, and I was given a better response whenever I had some doubt in which I had involved. There are times where I had my share of complexities with respect to security level limitations in dealing with the Network but on the curriculum level, I was shown enough and taught enough.


CE 3.4

Finally, my internship was successfully completed and I learned many aspects in the areas of network design, network infrastructure maintenance, ad sintering, server’s connectivity with network and more. I can clearly say that this internship tenure was one of the best things, which have happened to me and I cherish it for the rest of my life. The working culture, environment and the employees who work have really supported me in every way possible.

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