Nature and Welfare Issues

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Both human beings and animals are the creation of nature. They depend on nature to get whatever they require for their survival. Nature may exist without us but we cannot survive in the absence of nature. Then, why do we deplete the nature to quench our never satisfying thirst of pursuit of development? Why are we not aware of the fact that all these developmental works would deteriorate our environment and bring imbalance in nature which will eventually secure our extinction? Nature is our need; wealth and luxury are our wants.

Why cannot we sacrifice our desires for the welfare of all of us?

The imbalance of nature has caused many disasters. For example, the destruction of forest mercilessly has given rise to the occurrences of floods, landslides, and soil erosion which in turn will destruct human settlements and livestock in the hilly areas. The drought seen in different parts of the world has dried up water sources. Consequently, many countries have started to experience the problems of drinking water and irrigation.

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The problem of irrigation will reduce the agricultural production of a country which will ultimately cause famine in the world.

So, environmental balance is a must. The uncontrolled population growth is the major threat to the nature. The more is the population the more will be the demand for food, water and other resources. The source of all these things is nature. When all the increasing needs are tried to be fulfilled from the nature, an imbalance is created in the nature.

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The natural supply hasn’t increased but the consumption rate is skyrocketing. Nature has its limited carrying capacity and it cannot hold further the pressure of more population.

As a result, forest has to be destroyed for settlement and agriculture; the agricultural production has to be increased to fulfill the demand of food and so on, which will cause the environmental imbalance further. This will end up creating problems in gratifying the basic needs. Each year about 800 million people suffer from food crisis around the globe; World Bank Research has shown. This will ultimately leave people with diseases and hunger. Furthermore, industrialisation has also played great role in bringing imbalance in description of nature essays. Global Warming and the subsequent change in global climatic condition is the proof of this unbalance.

Carbon-dioxide is the main byproduct of fuel combustion in industries and vehicles. It does not allow heat to escape from the Earth’s atmosphere. This has resulted the melting of polar ice which later caused deluge and rise in the sea level. If the same condition persists and the global warming continues to increase at the current rate it may sink the whole world in the ocean, devastating the terrestrial biodiversities including the so-called superior human beings. If it happened then our luxurious castles and bungalow will perish into the water. The bungalow of Bollywood’s King Shah Rukh Khan in Mumbai will be inside the water within 2050 A.

D. according to a recent scientific prediction. Therefore, these dreadful but probable consequences of the natural imbalance and instability are enough for us to realise the importance of natural equilibrium. On contrary to this, if the balance in the nature is maintained, then this world can be saved from these catastrophes. The people will be able to lead a happy life, in the sense that their physiological needs will be fulfilled. It will let us and the earth to sustain longer. To sum up, natural balance is absolutely necessary and there are not any alternatives to it if we want to continue human race on the earth.

If otherwise also it will help us to live a secure, easier and healthy life. We should apply the principle of “Live and let live” where we survive along with the forest and wildlife. We can also create awareness among the people about environmental balance and how to maintain it. We can, as well, conduct afforestation programs to preserve and promote natural balance which is vital for our survival.

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Nature and Welfare Issues

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