Napoleon a Great Leader

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One would wonder, what is a hero? A hero is best defined as a ordinary person who rises to greatness based on the incredible talent that person embodies and one man had shown that. Born on August 15, 1769, Napoleon Bonaparte had quickly advanced through all military rankings to be the important role during the French Revolution. He then seized political power quickly in France with coup d’état in 1799, then to crown himself the ruler of France in 1804. Should Napoleon be looked as a hero? One would debate that Napoleon displayed qualities of a hero throughout his regime.

As he revived his country, he built an institution. In sense of community and self identity, the French people needed to better the civilization world as a whole. As this may be true, others would disagree that he did not illustrate any characteristics of being a hero. He used paintings that made the French people believe that he was their savior. I believe Napoleon Bonaparte had transformed the French society after coming into power and achieving all various accomplishments, making him a hero.

A great example of Napoleon showing a true hero was throughout his performances, he presented the French civilians the understanding of public individuality and self-esteem which people wanted disasters after the Revolution. In the year of 1804, Napoleon had established a French civil code named after him, Napoleonic Code. The purpose of this code was to use the civil rights which were self-supporting of the natural rights of a citizen, which was only obtained and put conformably similarly like a constitution.

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This transition was massive for not only Napoleon but for the lower class of the French and the country as a whole. It was only the beginning of a new country for them. A transition that was making Napoleon a hero and giving his people the great natural rights for the civilians since Louis XVI was not providing that for the third estate throughout his regime and only caring for the upper class and materialistic items. After having the Napoleonic Code established, it had caused great significant impacts. His code covered much on divorce, religion, education, and jobs. This embodies that the code was Napoleon long lasting legacies throughout his lifetime. Spreaded throughout Europe and Asia as well and is like a worldwide law. Another impact Napoleon had done for the French people was when he established in movement a way of profane and civil education betterment that is the justification for the up to date institutional system in France and many of Europe. As Lycee system of Education was established couple of years before electing himself emperor in 1804, the purpose was for it to be a successful education and made it accessible for students. Even though students had to pay tuition, scholarships were still available. This was highly encouraged at the time and was a massive movement for the French civilization as its purpose was to train the future nation.

Although this may be all true, others had viewed Napoleon as a tyrant or so called dictator. Napoleon had no doubts about exterminating French citizens. In 1795, he mowed down the Parisian crowd with cannons, a result is identified as the 13 Vendémiaire. 13 Vendémiaire was a headliner assigned to a conflict between the French troops and Royalist armies within Paris. This engagement was the portion of the founding of a unique kind of government, the Directory, and it was a significant determinant in the accelerated progression of Napoleon’s career.

As a whole, Bonaparte can remain and be named a hero for the pure legacies and success he built not only in France but through all civilization in Europe. One of them being the Napoleonic Code which he had started in the progression of France by displaying the French civilization their basic natural rights and that is what they needed the most. Also, the French people needed fairness and Napoleon gave it to them without any hesitation, the identity to then build an institution for the scholarly and create the future of the nation. Being in the military throughout the French Revolution and surpassing all rankings quickly, and obtaining so many key engagements for his land, he was viewed with honor, respect, and was looked up to as a hero. Showing the society a significant amount of loyalty, it managed to get away from living for all and talking through the society to operate a strong land, passed through Europe, Napoleon’s purpose. Like many people from the past, he was well recognized for his exceptional work and successes throughout his lifetime towards the French civilization and that was through the grounds of unique talent simply.

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