My Scarf (Sentimental Value) Essay

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Anyone has something that they would see as a sentimental value. mine would be a scarf. Yes. a scarf. and this scarf is truly particular to me. It’s non like any other scarf you would see on any shelves in any shops. This one is knitted and handmade by me and my grandma. We made it together a long clip ago when I was merely six old ages old. I was ever mousing up on my grandma when she would sit in her armchair and knit.

I was fascinated of how she made it look so easy. And one twenty-four hours I asked her to learn me how to knit. at first I was truly frustrated because no affair how difficult I tried I couldn’t acquire it right.

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My grandma was express joying and stating to me that no 1 gets it right the first clip and that I needed to be a small more patient and I would acquire it right. I was watching my grandma carefully and I was reiterating every measure after her and small by small with my grandmother’s counsel I eventually learned the rudimentss of knitwork.

After some clip I even learned how to do a twosome of rows of stitches in a row. One twenty-four hours my grandma asked me to assist her to knit a scarf and so we sat and we started working on it. After a twosome of hebdomads when the scarf was done. I was so proud of myself because non all the misss my age could knit.

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So the minute it was done my grandmother said that I can hold it now. that it is mine now. since I was take parting in the devising of it. I was overwhelmed when she told me that I can hold it now. I would really kip wrapped in that scarf. would travel outside with it. wrap my dolls in it. everything that could a kid be perchance making with it. I’ve done it. And to this twenty-four hours I still have it in my cupboard and every clip I take it out and look at it. it puts a smiling on my face. no affair what sort of temper I am in. It ever reminds me of my childhood and my sort grandmother that taught me how to knit.

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My Scarf (Sentimental Value) Essay

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