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Memories of My College Life

When I was younger and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up it was always the same response, a Nurse. In fifth grade I broke my wrist on Thanksgiving Day. I was jumping on the bed and got pushed off and of course I had to immediately go to the hospital. Once we got there the Nurses were super nice and took care of me the whole time. Since that moment, I have just wanted to have the same effect on other people as they did for me.

Also I want to be the first to graduate from college in my family.

I want to show my family that I will succeed in life just like they want me to. My family wants to me to get a good job and not have to worry about money so much unlike they have. My parents showed me how important it is to continue schooling. They live paycheck to paycheck and I know what it feels like to not be the kid with more money.

I don’t want to have to live like that or have my future family have to live like that. I want to show everyone that I can do it and make a difference in people’s lives.

College will help me become a Nurse and do what I have always wanted to. I want to be able to be a travel Nurse and help people in poorer areas that can’t travel to hospitals and help them get better and know that they have a chance to live again.

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I have always wanted to make a difference and fortunately JJC will help me do that. Right now especially it is important to get a degree in something because our economy is not the best and you need a lot of schooling to go far. That’s why I am here at JJC to better my life and other people’s life too.

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Memories of My College Life
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