My Best Memories

Through out my life, I have lived with many special memories, some painful, sad, wonderful and happy. However, of all the memories, only exquisite memories are worth mentioning over and over again. Some people may have experienced similar memories; however, it all depends on how the individual holds a particular memory that matters in this regard. Sometimes, people will claim that their best memories were created with their lovers, traveling with family, or their childhood memories. As for me, my junior year in high school provided a special memorable event that I will always live to remember.

There were several memorable instances such as joining the student association, meeting lots of friends at that particular time, everybody offered support to each other and we cared for one another. For me, school is not just a place to learn, but also a home and my haven. In 2004, I was studying at a missionary school called Taiwan Adventists Collage. Even though this was the first time I was living and studying away from home, I still remember that we sang together, cried together, laughed together, learned together and came through together, and sometimes we would hang out with my new friends till midnight.

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Now when I look back, I realize that it was not only fun, but also crazy and wonderful. At my gr. 10 year, I was really lively at school, and this made the School Student Association leader named Vicky to persuade me to join his group before my second year started.

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Certainly, YES! Joining this group was a privilege that I could not wish away. For my entire summer break, I worked with them for half a year on the school’s student activity project schedule. Vicky assigned me to the school’s sports day group and appointed me to be the group leader.

She told me to prepare sports day with College Student Association and contact them about the first meeting. Nervousness, fear, and excitement described my mood before I met College group leader. It was a nice meeting at least for first time. I remember his name was Xian Sun. We talked about the time schedule, laid out the program, divided duties between his group and my group, and also planned for the next time we were going to meet. I had to inform my group of what had transpired in our meeting and the way forward.

I still remember that this was my first time presenting something in front of the people bearing a very important announcement. My teammates were anxious, looking at me eagerly to deliver the message. “Well, we decided to separate all the teammates to work in different small groups together with the College students. We will become five different small groups of graphic/music, shopping, planning, labor, and administration; each group will have five members. Each small group must have a team leader; this leader will have to report the achieved percentage of scheduled plan to me.

The leader will also join us in the meeting every time to highlight on the scheduled process,” I said. The first challenge came out when I was dividing the members. Some of my teammates did not agree with my decisions; they did not understand why they cannot work with their best friends in the same group while others did not like staying in the administration group but instead, they wanted to be in the shopping group. Subsequently, they started to threaten me because I was lower team leader in the hierarchy. I had to listen to their point of argument or else, they would tell our leader, Vicky and leave my team.

At that moment, I was confused as to why they could not use their mind and understand that this was not for personal gain but for the benefit of the group as a whole? I was angered and had indignation to tell them that whatever I had done was the best way and cannot be changed anymore; if there were any questions then they should go ahead and tell Vicky. I did not care. Allover a sudden, Vicky came to meet me and asked me what had happened with some of my teammates and he offered to teach me on how to solve this problem.

I tried to explain to the teammates the reasons as to why I separated friends into different groups. For instance, I put some people in the music group because they are good in music and others are good at planning programs or at administration issues and so on and so forth. In the end, all of them came to understand my decisions and accepted. We were all on the right track and we had to keep going before the second meeting with the college students. I later found out that the administration group was not necessary so I divided all students into four different groups.

One of the groups was super strong for every sport. This group had the best players in school sporting disciplines like school basketball or track and field team players. For the other groups, they felt disappointed because they already knew that every sport game champion would come from the strongest group, this is their sport day, and not for other people. At first, I totally overruled their first team list and gave them second chance to change the membership of the group for this reason. They made some changes but still this was not enough to provide a fair playing ground.

I was super angry and indignant to get the roll sheet changed to what it should look like. I did not know that they had decided not to do anything expecting that I will change everything unilaterally. I had not listened to them. What a big crime? How can I explain this? The other groups including the shopping group complained about labor group not going to support them in buying staff etc… I tried to mediate and reconcile, oh how I wished sport day could hurry and come to pass! I tried my best to accommodate troubles and everything looked like going back to right way once more.

I was busy all the time attending college group to meetings, our group meetings, catching up for support and anything, and reporting to my leader, Vicky. In a little while, I had a short meeting with College group and we kind of differed a little bit at that time. The reason to this was the money expenses were not going to be divided equally; College want high school to pay more because we have more participants than them. They want the high school to account for 65% of the expenses whereas the remaining 35% be footed by the College.

“This is not fair” I told their leader, Xian Sun. I told him that I had to consult preceptor. Consequently, I went back and come back with the answer. “This is not a good deal for us, but I can agree on 60% for us and 40% for them” my preceptor said. “Sorry Xian Sun, this is only what we can accept anyway,” I said and looked at him and felt that he was kind of mad at me. Suddenly, I felt that this job was so hard for me. I was a mere 17-years old high school girl and I did not know how to communicate and balance this.

I was not an adult enough to understand how to explicitly confer the bill. I did not understand why I had to care about those, why I was an evil being for everything. I felt sad, sorrowful and without confidence in my mind. I really tried to quit this job at that time. Vicky came to me and said, “Nothing is impossible, see the impossible word can be broken into Im and possible so that it can be, Im possible! Eva I believe you can finish this job and that was one of the reasons as to why I chose you to become a leader at this time.

I believe you can do it! Do not worry, everything will be fine. Add oil Eva! Go Eva. ” Subsequently this conversation always remind me of forces and dispassionate to govern and be hardy. Finally, the sport day came. Everything was perfect. The program went on unhindered. We were so happy to see this. Every student and the teachers had fun that day. I can see my teammates painstakingly strive with effort, and the fruits of that day. In end in our party, a lot of people turned to congratulate me because they had learnt a lot from me or from this activity.

They knew something was wrong but did not want to tell me until I point out to them to their embarrassment. Anyway all passed, we still are friends. From there I learned that to be a leader is important, we can learn a lot from leadership, and according to what teachers have taught us, this process is the foundation of the future. Also being a leader is really good. Even though sometimes it was stressful from flights, reports, meetings… etc, these were our responsibilities for what leaders should do. However, all of these memories will live with my heart forever and ever.

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