My Personal Successes and Failures

Throughout everyone's lives they go through stages of success and failures. Sometimes these successes are tremendous and sometimes the failures can lead to severe consequences. However, I believe that only through failure can we truly shape the person we become. For me, that failure was when I failed to raise my ACT score. Although this might sound like not such a huge failure, I felt like I had failed the expectations of people around me and my own expectations of myself.

I thought it would be easy enough to raise my score. When I didn't, I suffered major shock. This failure really shaped my ideals on life by making me reconsider my actions and my own values in what I want for a school. Only through self- determination and the help of my wonderfully supportive family was I able to come to accept what I had gotten and learned exactly what I wanted.

When I had learned that my score didn't go up, I went through several cliché states of denial.

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I denied it at first, convincing myself it was a mistake or maybe it was my old score. Then I was angry at myself for not being smart enough and at the test for being too hard. As I looked through the requirements for many of the colleges I wanted to attend, I saw that my ACT score was high enough for many of my preferred choices. I slowly began to accept the fact that I had a score that was typical of the colleges I wanted to go to.

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The colleges I desired were ones that would accept my score. After a few weeks of looking at colleges, I began to appreciate my ACT score more. I didn't feel like I failed everyone anymore. My teachers and my family were very supportive, telling me that it was still a good score. At first I thought they were just telling me this to make me feel better, but as I looked around at my classmates and the colleges offered, I realized my score might not have been what I wanted but it was still an accomplishment, not a failure to have my score.

Through this failure, I learned that I should accept my limitations and work within them, but also to not just stay confined in my limitations, but build upon them and make myself even better. This is what I hope Gallaudet can help me with, to build upon my weaknesses and make myself a better person. Throughout this process, I also learned that things don't always go the way you expect them to, but you can always find the good things that happen when things go awry. That's what happened for me and that is what made me decide on Gallaudet University because I looked at Gallaudet and saw the kind of environment they have and I prayed my score would be high enough, when I saw it was, I knew it was meant to be.

Updated: Dec 08, 2022
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