My name is Nomfundo Ntuli I'm a first year marketing student at

My name is Nomfundo Ntuli, I’m a first year marketing student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. I was born, bread and buttered in a small town called Richard’s Bay at KwaZulu-Natal. I finished my matric in 2014, I then studied Financial Manangement at Esikhawini TVET College 2016. I graduated 2018 unfortunately I didn’t get a job, I then decided to apply for marketing because i want to learn skills and how to manage a business as one day I want to open my own marketing company.

In my blog, I’ll be blogging about my personal experience at varsity and how varsity life impacted me.


Firstly I’m going to compare my live in high school and my life now at varsity. Life in high school and life in varsity are quite different. When I arrived at CPUT I thought I would get good grades the same way as I did in high school but I was fooling myself because good grades comes from sweating, hardworking, less hours of sleep.

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In high school the pass mark was 30% and here in varsity is 50%. In high school everyone wears a school uniform and here in varsity you have to worry every morning on what to wear, you can’t wear the same clothes over and over again because some students can teas you. In varsity you can feel small at times because others are wearing expensive clothes. Choosing what to wear everyday wastes much time. Another difference is in high school the classes always ends at 2:30 pm everyday and here in varsity we leave anytime as soon as we finish with our classes for the day, and also in high school our classes were starting at 07:50 every morning and in varsity our classes starts anytime .

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In varsity classes can even starts at 12:00 pm. In university we have much free time than in high school, that’s why some students have part-time jobs. In high school there’s a high pass rate than university. In high school teachers approach you when you are falling behind and i varsity you have to contact a tutor or lecture yourself. In high school teachers and parents are always there to remind you of your responsibilities and help you manage them and in varsity the’re no parents or teachers you must balance your responsibilities by yourself and set your priorities.

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Varsity courses requires much more effort than high school classes. I was studying in a government school and I wasn’t paying any fee and here in varsity I have to pay tuition fee. In varsity I’m facing financial problems, buying textbooks, groceries is costly and I must have money at all times because some assignments needs money. Homesickness is a challenge for me, being away from home is stressful and I only visit home twice a year. If I’m sick there’s no one to take care of me, I have to look after myself. In life we are not equal we are coming from different backgrounds , some students come from disadvantaged backgrounds while others are coming from rich families and that’s a real challenge. Especially when leaving at school residence it hurts watching your roommate eating mouth watering meal like pizza while you have nothing to eat, you have no choice but to go to bed with an empty stomach. Partying is a challenge for me because I don’t drink and my roommate drinks, sometimes she can come around 2 am and makes a lot of noise while I’ll be having an exam in the morning and that affects me accademically.

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In conclusion university is nice, entertaining and it can be challenging at times. My advise to students or to those who wishes to be in varsity one day is: be yourself, know where you come from, know the reason of you being here and lastly fight for your diploma or degree by studying hard. Do not allow anything or anyone distract you but focus on achieving your goal .

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