How to Survive the First Year of College?

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Everyone has a different college experience. The time we spend and relationships we form vary from person to person, but there are some commonalities most freshman experience in their first year in college. What follows are some simple and easy tips and suggestions to help those clueless and frightening incoming freshman survive their first year of college.

The first tip of advice I would give anyone to make the most of their experience is to leave or expand comfort zones. To make the most of this time it will be inevitable to leave the bubble that have involuntarily formed over the past four years of high school.

It is important to get out there and push the comfort levels that have been formed.

Next, it is very important to make new friends. As we move away from high school and drift away from our past relationships, it is vital to form new relationships and make new friends to spend this important time of our lives with.

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Friends play a key role in our social growth and development. Friends will also play a crucial role in our college experience. They are there to support us and help us through the tough times that we all experience during college. They help us through the homesickness, relationships troubles, and anything else that comes our way and are possibly the single most important factor in surviving college.

Another key to thriving in college is to get involved in extra-circular activities, groups, or teams. Getting involved is a great way to accomplish multiple of the above tips.

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This is an easy way to expand comfort zones and to meet new people in the process. Extra groups provide a good way to fill daily schedules and keep busy in between classes and homework.

My next tip, is to go to class and to do the best possible in those classes. However, do not get overly stressed out or to focused on classes. When we become overly stressed nothing productive gets done and that benefits no one. Classes are important, however, missing a couple classes or not getting an A on that exam will not ruin any plans for the future. College is as much a social experience as an educational one. It is important to find a good balance between the two and not to become consumed by the class work and studying.

The next suggestion is the easiest. Find the library. The library is one of the most important buildings on campus. It is a nice quiet place that people go to study whenever they need to. When the dorm or apartment is bustling and focusing becomes too difficult, its nice to have somewhere quiet to go so that you can finish that project or write that essay.

Lastly, enjoy your time in college. After college we enter the real world and workplace and it can be a scary thought. My best advice is just to make the most of these years and enjoy it in whatever way works best. So just relax and enjoy your time.

College is a rollercoaster ride. No matter what we experience and no matter how different it may be it will have its ups and its downs. But when it comes down to it college is supposed to be one of the best times of our lives. So no matter what happens, the best advice anyone can give is just to enjoy the ride!

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How to Survive the First Year of College?

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