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My Motivation for Studying

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Last night, while I was randomly surfing the internet, I’ve come across a post about knowing. According to it, there are three types of learners. First, the goal-oriented learner, an individual who wishes to find out as a method of pursuing determined goals. Second, the learning-oriented, one who pursues finding out simply for the large love of it. Lastly, the activity-oriented, one who wishes to find out for reasons unconnected with the program or material of what he/she is learning (NIACE, 1997; citing Cyril Houle, 1996).

For me, and possibly for practically everybody else, studying is discovering.

I consider myself as a learning-oriented student. Yes, I study simply for the sheer love of it. Astounding? Let me tell you just how much I love studying. I wake up, I research study and if I need a reason to get up (or at least when I remember) I eat. From sun up to sun down, I have a book in front of me.

Many of the time I read it, however there are days when I believe I’ve been looking at a page for hours on end yet still stop working to comprehend the benign difference in between the words that I have actually read, the sentences and paragraphs just a blurry vision in front of me.

Whatever simply a mass of incoherence. Often I even forget what day it is, the days being perfunctorily separated by darkness and light. They have actually been basically minimized to categories of when to study, consume and sleep with my stomach and the sun being my only guideposts.

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I understand now that it is rather primal. Often my back demonstrations too. My friend tells me that it is unnatural for a person to sit the entire day. So sometimes I study resting to offer my chair a break. Many people say that it is actually no chance to live.

That I need to be out and about worshipping the sun and climbing mountains, enjoying the charm of nature or seeing a film. Exercise is likewise a healthy alternative. If only I had the luxury. Frequently I need to stop and wonder what it is that I’m doing, whether there is more to life then those that fall in between the cracks of shifting from class to class. The normal existential questions that crop up when my brain shifts to overdrive. But then I discover in my absolutely tedious existence something that is neither spatial nor temporal.

I find purpose. And I suppose when you find that, the questions of how or where it originates really loses its significance. Some people find it worshipping the sun, climbing mountains, reveling in nature, watching a movie. I find it in my chair, my nose in a book, my back protesting. For some people, this may seem, ridiculous even. Who studies just for the sheer love of it? A lot of people actually do and I am one of them. And I am proud of it.


“What Motivates People to Learn. ” NIACE, 1997. (citing Cyril Houle, 1996).

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My Motivation for Studying
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