My Most Interesting Experience Essay

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My Most Interesting Experience

I strongly believed everyone must be having their most interesting and exciting experiences in their lives.For me,I also had my best experience.It started during my last school holidays. On one glorious morning after having breakfast at home,my cousin,Ana and her family suddenly emerged at my home’s front door .Ana was smiling sweetly and as fast as lightning I invited the whole family to come in.Ana is my closest cousin.Naturally I was very happy and delighted to have Ana with me since I would have no other friends or relatives during holidays.My other siblings are busy with their own programmes and activities.

That afternoon,my parents and Ana’s family decided to go to the shopping complex to buy some branded items on a big year-end sale at the mall.At home,Ana and I felt like butterflies fluttering in our stomach.Unfortunately,my parents did not prepare any breakfast for us.I guessed they were too engrossed on items to buy at the mall so they thought the trip would not be that long.My uncle and auntie too were very excited to go shopping so they too forgot about Ana.

We then saw a packet of flour at the top of the kitchen cabinet.So Ana suggested to bake some pancakes.Ana told me that she seldom cook at home and baking a pancake is impossible for her.I told her I was neither a good cook nor a good baker.I told her the funny things happened when I was a cook at the kitchen.When I fried some fish,they got burnt completely.When my parents tasted the fish curry that I cooked,they said that I did not put enough salt.Instead I put more turmeric.I smiled cynically when I recalled these funny incidences.But since we were very hungry,so I told Ana that we do not have much choice.

The whole episode started when Ana and I put the flour into a special bowl.Since we were science student at our school,we decided to mix the flour with hot water so that there would be no bacteria in the mixture.After we kneaded the dough,it became hard and we could not press it a anymore.We were confused looking at our “pancakes”but we still put them into a microwave oven. Within minutes,we looked at cooked pancakes and saw that the dough did not expand and they got burnt.However,we took them out .Oh gosh! We tried sharing a piece.Imagine our new “pancakes’.It was tasteless and very hard.We thought we were eating parts of steel.

Suddenly,we heard a car parked at the front house.We knew our mum and dad together with uncle and auntie had arrived home. Without our expectation,my mum and aunty went to the kitchen and screamed at the top of their voices when they saw the messy kitchen.They also got shocked looking at our faces full of flour but at the same time they could not control their laughters.Without hesitation,my dad and uncle ran to the kitchen as they thought something bad had happened in the kitchen.Imagine they too laughed at us.Ana and I looked each other and we too laughed.Fortunately,my parents bought some breakfast for us as they knew that we would be starving.We took the food and quickly ate them in a dining room.It was very funny,interesting and memorable experiences I ever had in my life.I guessed next time I must take up cooking lesson,then I would not be starving anymore.

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