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Describe a Few of the Interesting Characters in Your Class

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My class is full of wonderful characters that make all of us cheerful to study. There are twenty-two students in my class and only seven of them are boys. Our form teacher is Encik Azmi bin Nusi. We have a wonderful monitor who does every job given to her responsibly. She is Uma Devi a/p Nagiah and she never complains about doing jobs without an assistant. Most of the students are Malays. There are only four Indian girls and four Chinese students.

Our class is one of the noisiest class because of the interesting characters we have.

Uma Devi is chosen to be our monitor mainly because of her gutsiness to confront some of the rebellious students who are usually Azizi and Amin in our class. Were the students agreed? They definitely were. Hardly any objection was voiced to choose Uma as the monitor. With 170 centimetres tall and a loud voice that can crack any dreams, she is the perfect choice.

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Although this Indian girl is very strict, she also has a good sense of humour. That is why many of us cannot despise her for a long time.

Moreover, she is very pretty with two long braided black hair and a smile, which is not very often she does. She seldom smile but when she does, it is just like a sun shining after down pouring rain. We will always feel very glad and relieved to see her smile. Her seriousness in doing her job is commendable and she is helpful too, to get a new dateline for our homeworks from the teacher.

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Due to that, we always admire and respect her. Describing the interesting characters in my class, I find it difficult to leave Rosmaliza behind.

She is a very peculiar and interesting girl in our class. She is only 155 centimetres tall but she was slim with beautiful features. The sleepyhead in our class? She definitely is the one and only. We could not stop laughing when thinking about her embarrassing situations in our class. There was a time when Mr. Ling, our Additional Mathematics teacher was teaching in our class and dear Rosmaliza was sleeping. Mr. Ling noticed she was asleep and called out her name to wake her up and she did wake up.

Waking up and mumbling incoherently, she suddenly stood up and towards the blackboard, thinking that Mr. Ling wanted her to complete some questions on the board. After some awkward silence, she returned to her seat looking red all over. All the classmates burst out laughing at her act. But she remained impassive, although her red face revealed what she felt. Another thing that we find funny is the way she laughed. It was loud and sounded like a cackle. That is so unforgettable and can be said as her ‘trademark’. The other character in my class that I found interesting is Fozie.

He is quite a humorist with the loyal companion, Ja’far. Fozie is very funny and he could cause a hullaballoo with his spontaneous jokes. He is 162 centimetres tall and has a cute, mischievous face. However, he does not get into a lot of trouble with his mischief. He is quite adorable because of his helpfulness and politeness. He is surely the best guy in our class. Another thing that we found amazing about him is the way he mesmerized school’s juniors. Many students, especially girls from lower form adore and admire him.

The reason? Maybe it simply because of his friendliness and some cute bangs over his forehead. However, he is a reliable guy that we could depend on to please some teachers whenever some of them are angry. All that I can conclude from these interesting characters is that they are wonderful to be with. Although some of them are weird, but the difference can only add up the speciality. Plus, they definitely bring colours of joy and mischief in our world as a student. Life in school would simply be so boring without them.

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