My brother is the manager of a super store

My brother is the manager of a super store. He has being using paper base spread sheet so he writes his information on paper, This very easy to lose the problem with the store is that they need a spreadsheet so they would be able to re correct their information instead of writing every thing all over again and also this would show how much profit that they have made.

The requirements that my brother ask me to do is:

* That the spreadsheet should include the logo of the super store.

* My brother wants to be able to generate a bar chart where he can quickly compare the super store’s sales for each month.

* The system should be able to automatically add up the takings each month.

* If his takings are less than his bills, my brother would want the spreadsheet to display a profits warning.

* He wants to be able to print graphs.

* He wants the spreadsheet to be password-protected.

* My brother says that is “a complete idiot on computers” and, therefore, he wants the system to be very easy to use.

* He wants to be able to print a super stores price list.

I am going to be creating my spreadsheet on a computer this would save time and also be neat. Microsoft spreadsheet also has features like an automatic calculator which adds up the sum that’s has being given and also as I said it saves time. But if we was looking pencil on paper this would take an awful of time just to create one piece of the spreadsheet coursework, I would be creating bar chat to show how much of an item has been sold well with paper I would need to get paper pencil ruler but with an computer it would automatically generate one for me which would take seconds.

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If we are going to be creating our spreadsheet on computer there should be a person that understands about computer and it is very easy to get a virus or also get hacked. If the computer gets hacked all of our information would go to the person that hacked the computer. I will use and Norton anti virus to detect my computer to make sure that I wont get any viruses and also to not get hack.


The operating system for my spreadsheet I will be using windows XP. The application that I would be using is Microsoft excel. I have chosen spreadsheet because is easy to calculate sums and also help you to keep track with the work you have done example super store you could write the money you have made, which item have you sold, how much of an profit did you make.


Keyboard- I would use this input device to type in my work and information

Mouse- to select items

Memory stick- to back up my spreadsheet

Monitor- to view my work and what I have done

Printer- to print out a copy of my work

These are the figures that I will use for my spreadsheet

The name of the item

The coast of the item

The total coast of the items

* Number of the item Make a pie chart for genre of the most popular item sold

* The employees wages

* Amount of times that the item has been bought

Backup and security

The staff and Manager at the super store will have access to the program.

The program will be secured by a password, which both the staff and manager will have access to. The manager will have a password to access everything whereas the staff will have access to basic information which will be useful to them such as the profit that has been made how much an item has has been sold. The spread sheet will need to be updated twice a day- morning and afternoon.

Data collection

How would I get the information? My brother would provide the needed

The data will be needed is first name, surname, student ID, customer ID, age, causes.

Outputs methods

The output methods I am going to use are a visual display unit to view my work. I’m going to use a printer to produce a hard copy.

These are the steps I am going to take to create my mail merge.

The font size I will use is 14. The font I will use is veranda because it is easy to read. The colour text I will use is automatic because it looks professional and it is the easiest colour to read on most paper. I will use word art to make the title look interesting.

The alignment of the text will be aligning left.

I will also use bullet points.





The spelling and grammar in the letter

To make sure that the letter has no synonyms

Use the spell check to edit the red or green lines red lines

The images on the report

To make sure that the pictures are not to big

That the user is happy that the images are the correct size

The Font style on the worksheet

To make sure that the font style is visible to everyone

The worksheet can easily be read

Printing the document

So I would have a hard copy of what was on the pc

The printout looks exactly like what is on the screen

The test plan will be giving out a print out to more than one person and see if they have any suggestions.

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