Advertising in the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is pretty well known for its commercials, they draw lots of attention and usually consist of things that help set themselves apart from regular commercials. These companies pay lots of money to have their advertisements aired. According to (CNBC) this year's host network, CBS, is charging a record $5.25 million just for a 30-second spot during the championship match-up. Though that may be a huge investment for such a short spotlight, from a business perspective it can really pay off.

The company's goal in sight is to catch the attention of that vast audience and draw in more customers. It's pretty clear though that they all know that in the end it really comes down to a handful that really stick out to the people. Many can argue that the NFL had one of those commercials that really stood out in the 2019 commercial breaks. The NFL aired their 100th season celebration campaign but did so in a very unique approach.

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The overall approach to the commercial itself was pretty well put together as it did give off a more uptempo vibe.

This commercial consisted of a variety of things, it started off as a formal ceremony, but quickly shifted as the football came into play. A football falls from a cake hits the floor, and the commercial begins to take action.The crowd of athletes seem to notice the ball and are suddenly enticed to play with it. They pick up the ball and begin to throw it around, and as the commercial carries on it gives the audience an outlook of the variety of athletes that are casted in the commercial.

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These athletes engage in a miniature scruffle as they throw the ball around. Though this plot may look like they are simply tossing the ball around there's much more that goes into it. If you watch closely they are actually incorporating some signature moments from the athletes careers. Take Odell beckham jr's one handed catch for instance during the commercial they show a clip of him snagging the ball one handed before crashing down into a table. This is to represent one of the best highlights from his career and key moment from the league itself, but it goes further than that. They throw in other former athletes such as Terry Bradshaw and Micheal Irving to represent the past cultures of the league. They are essentially throwing those athletes in to represent how football has been passed down to the next generation,and show how it's legacy continues on.

The NFL has been around for closing in on a century now. Though that being said, there are still people who may wonder what exactly is the NFL? Well the NFL is a national organization that represents a football league, this league consists of some of the best players in the world. According to the Britannica encyclopedia the NFL was established on August 20th, 1920 in Canton Ohio, and it has been a national attraction for fans across the world for now closing in on a century. The League is very successful as it does draw in millions of viewers annually, especially come the big game (Super Bowl) which takes place in February. This game on record draws in around 100 million viewers each year, as opposed to the 20 million who watch the regular season. Initially this game is drawing in interest from around five times as many people as they do regularly.

So this is essentially the focal point for the NFL being that they are able to captivate such a vast audience. They chose to air their 100th year celebration during a commercial break therefore they could catch all of those viewers at once. By doing this they not only address their regular audience, but they also have an opportunity to reach out to those other viewers as well. So from a marketing stand-point this is a smart move by them, just due to the fact that they look to expand their future audience.

In the commercial they don't really take a certain approach to the overall layout. They do however implement lots of various factors within it. They do things such as incorporating lots of the big name athletes and accompany them with a handful of other celebrities. Throw in that with the overall fun mood of the commercial, and Boom!.. your going to get big results. When addressing the overall outlook of this commercial it can be best summarized by the profound statement of Jason Cordner himself. As in one of his articles he states "The commercial was universally praised on Twitter,and it looks like the league has a winner"(The Source). Truthfully so as this commercial brought in a grand total of over 100 millions views at least. Which is a huge breaking point in the media stand-point of things.

Looking at it Peter Berg does a great job of incorporating the appeals of pathos and ethos in his commercial. In the commercial you can spot a very emotional layout being put into place, while the commercial itself isn't very displaceful of the more emotional sense of things it's the deeper appeal that displays this. The overall commercial itself is compiled of a more fun interaction between it's cast, showing the people simply having fun and allowing its audience to exploit the joys of football itself. But when you look at the deeper meaning behind the plot you can see that it's an emotional backstory being that some of the cast are former NFL athletes who are now retired and a good bit older. The fact that you get to see them back in action just having fun as if it were their good old days is a good touch to the commercial. It adds the element of pathos to it's design and gets to a much broader audience at the same time.

As I addressed in the previous topic Peter Berg does in fact incorporate a cast consisting of many former and present day NFL athletes.This is being complimented by the presence of a few other celebrities within his commercial. By adding this cast into the commercial it helps them get the attention of their designated audience, while further adding to the aspect of ethos. This isn't a relatively new concept but due to the circumstances it makes sense for them to cast the people they did. It added to the overall meaning of the commercial and it helped to better emphasize what they were celebrating. This commercial does a great job of addressing their topic and they do so in a more uptempo manner, which really complements the overall concept pretty well. Peter was also able to address both pathos and ethos in his commercial, while he wasn't able to address the aspect of logos. The commercial didn't really call for it, it was able to get across it's message and attract the audience's attention so it did its job.

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Updated: Jul 20, 2021
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