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The Buddha: Siddhartha Gautama
Words • 778
Pages • 4
Buddhism is one of the greatest religions worldwide. It came from India it spread to Asia, China, Japan, and eventually the whole world. It originated in India by an Indian Prince: Siddhartha Gautama, also called The Buddha. Buddhism mainly taught about escaping the cycle of suffering to achieve enlightenment. Buddhism impacted a great number of people and taught them to eliminate suffering and achieve Nirvana. Not everyone can say they are gods, but Buddha himself said everyone was Buddha if…...
The French Revolution and the Birth of Modernity
Words • 1005
Pages • 5
Beginning in May 1789 and ending in November 1799, the French Revolution was a major history-changing and society impacting event; filled with revolutionary ideas, beginnings and political unrest. The French Revolution is thought to have been one of the most ‘violent, society-changing and influential’ revolutions of its time. Before the revolution, the French Monarchy had already begun collapsing, from public pressure and the country’s expensive participation in the American Revolution states Encyclopedia Britannica. This financial crisis and disorder forced the…...
EncyclopediaFranceFrench RevolutionPainting
Who was Nelson Mandela?
Words • 691
Pages • 3
Questions: Who was Nelson Mandela? What was his purpose? What was his childhood like? What were his middle years like? What was his adulthood like?   Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (AKA Madiba), was one of the people in the Xhosa nation, primarily in the Thembu tribe. He was born in the tiny village of Mvezo, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa on July 18th, 1918 to the Thembu chief. His middle name, Rolihlahla, means troublemaker in Xhosa. No one knew…...
EncyclopediaNelson Mandela
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Advertising in the Super Bowl
Words • 1259
Pages • 6
The Super Bowl is pretty well known for its commercials, they draw lots of attention and usually consist of things that help set themselves apart from regular commercials. These companies pay lots of money to have their advertisements aired. According to (CNBC) this year's host network, CBS, is charging a record $5.25 million just for a 30-second spot during the championship match-up. Though that may be a huge investment for such a short spotlight, from a business perspective it can…...
AdvertisingEncyclopediaSuper Bowl
Housing encyclopedia report
Words • 2944
Pages • 12
Housing in IndiaAssam TypeBackground: This kind of structures can be found in the Northeastern conditions of India. Ikra-type construction is also used in the Gangetic planes of Bihar, UP, Bengal and Orissa. This sort of development is broadly built in south and southeast Asian nations, particularly in Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar and so on., The Northeast part of India is the most seismically active regions in the world. Such types of houses are Assam type or Ikra houses. Summary: These types…...
The Role of Grammar in Language Teaching & Learning
Words • 5629
Pages • 23
Introduction In this ever changing world, the barriers to communication and understanding must be lowered. The acquisition of linguistic skills requires that one must be able to master it and use it to communicate effectively to people who are using that same language, like English for instance. For learners of this particular language to communicate effectively, teachers in the language arts have a very important role to play in teaching every aspect of English, particularly its grammar and use. This…...
EncyclopediaEnglish LanguageLanguageLanguage AcquisitionLearningTeacher
Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest in Poland
Words • 660
Pages • 3
Poland is officially the Republic of Poland in Central Europe. We will be briefly going through all the sights that attract tourists. The annual number of visitors to Poland has increased rapidly since 1990. In 2002 there were 14 million visitors in Poland. The major tourist attractions in Poland are the resorts along the Baltic Sea, the Lake District south of the coast, the Karpaty and Sudety mountains, and the country’s numerous national parks and its museums (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia…...
EncyclopediaNational ParkPlaceTour
Search and Use of Information
Words • 2854
Pages • 12
One of the requirements for the final report in this course is to find and use information in external sources—either published, unpublished, or both. Of course, you might feel that your project needs no external information—that you already know it all. However, you should be able to identify information that you don't know and that needs to be in the report. For example, imagine you were writing backup procedures for running some sort of high-tech equipment at your workplace. Sure,…...
Plato’s Theory of Forms
Words • 837
Pages • 4
Explain and define Plato’s theory of Forms with your personal Criticism. Plato was born in Athens on 428 BC. He was a Greek philosopher who laid foundations of western philosophy. He raised basic questions and problems of western thought, goodness and virtue, truth and knowledge, body and soul, ideal political state, and use of Literature and Arts were some of the pre dominant topics of interest to Plato. Plato devoted himself completely to philosophy. He was a student of Socrates.…...
Starbucks Control Mechanisms
Words • 1282
Pages • 6
Control systems are developed and implemented as a means to control resources and to ensure that employees act in a manner that is beneficial to their organizational goals. Starbucks was started in 1971 in Seattle, Washington with a goal to imports the world’s finest coffees to the cold, thirsty people of Seattle. Starbucks has since become a worldwide phenomenon with more than 16,000 stores in 48 countries. Starbucks, like most major corporations have many control methods. This paper will discuss…...
Uses Of The Internet
Words • 1264
Pages • 6
Abstract There is increase in popularity and use of the Internet for research purposes by schools and students. Popular among the web-based information resource is the Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that uses wiki software for the creation and editing of contents on its site. The use of Wikipedia for research has increased over the years. It is the world's acclaimed 6th most visited website ("Most Popular Websites on the Internet", 2012) . This status is not without its…...
EncyclopediaIncreasing Use Of InternetInternetWikipedia
Family Unit in the Grapes of Wrath
Words • 5885
Pages • 24
I dedicate this humble work to those whose blood runs in my veins; to my dearly loved parents and to: my dearest sisters all fundamental B.A student all my delighted and respected English teachers all those who will read this modest research paper ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I’m foremost grateful to my supervisor Dr. YASSINE Rachida whose guidance and continual encouragement have efficaciously helped towards the fulfillment of this modest research paper. I would like also to thank deeply whose efforts in class…...
EncyclopediaFamilyIndividualismThe Grapes Of Wrath
The Life and Works of Gustave Courbet
Words • 975
Pages • 4
Gustave Courbet was one of the pioneers of the Realist art movement in France during the 1800s. Courbet gained fame and the interest of the art-loving public when he defied the dominant art style at that time which was romanticism. Instead, he invested in showcasing the beauty of daily through his exquisite paintings. The Early Life of the Artist On June 10, 1819 in Oman, France, a healthy baby boy was added to the wealthy family of “Eleonor-Regis, a prosperous…...
Antonin Artaud: Theatre of Cruelty
Words • 1357
Pages • 6
Antonin Artaud’s most profound piece of work was not a poem, not a play, not an acting role, but a theory: Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty. He began to form his Theatre of Cruelty theory after learning of the Balinese theatre that seemed, to him, to share qualities with his ideas about theatre. Artaud held a great respect for Balinese theatre which revolves around dance and actions to convey meaning (Encyclopedia Britannica). More traditional theatre revolves around words to convey meaning.…...
Open vs Closed Sources in Operating System
Words • 696
Pages • 3
There have been numerous issues when it concerns discussing and open vs. closed source in operating systems. Numerous argue their distinctions and developers attempt to pin point the defects and advantages of each. I will evaluate and notify the benefits and drawbacks of open vs. closed sources in an operating system. There are many kinds of different open and closed sources. With that numerous concerns get here such as cash, use and security of the software application. First let's start…...
EncyclopediaOperating SystemSoftwareWorld Wide Web
Cultural Diversity in Afghanistan
Words • 877
Pages • 4
Afghanistan is an Islamic country. It is divided into different regions where people manifest their own culture and beliefs. Though Afghans dwell in same country yet they practiced different cultures because of their regions’ location and tradition. What is applied to a certain region of Afghanistan may not be applicable to the other regions of the country. This would only show that there is a cultural diversity amongst regions of Afghanistan. Moreover, Afghanistan is located in south-central Asia. The encyclopedia…...
Cultural DiversityEncyclopedia
The Canadian Flag Debate
Words • 1320
Pages • 6
Canada had been an outstanding country for many years but has always lacked one important thing. Until the year 1965, Canada did not have their own official flag. The Canadian flag debate was a major controversy to Canada because many thought it was about time for Canada to have their own flag years after gaining their independence from Britain. The Canadian flag debate had a very interesting background and the Canadians involvement towards the flag debate was just phenomenal. As…...
CanadaCountryEncyclopediaGovernmentOur National FlagWorld
The Discovery of Insulin in Medicine
Words • 708
Pages • 3
In the decade before the discovery of insulin, diabetes was a life threatening disease. A diagnosis of diabetes meant eventual coma and a certain death. Today, however, with the help of science and the discovery of insulin, diabetes is a manageable illness for millions across the globe. Diabetes mellitus, or simply, diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism characterized by impaired ability of the body to produce or respond to insulin and thereby maintaining proper levels of glucose in the…...
CarbohydrateEncyclopediaMedicineMy Favourite Tv Channel Discovery
Erikson’s Fifth Stage of Psychosocial Development
Words • 1108
Pages • 5
As a developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst, Erik Erikson crafted 8 phases of human psychosocial development. The phase that has actually impacted my life the most is Identity versus Role Confusion, the fifth stage. This stage handles adolescents twelve to eighteen years of ages. Erikson's fifth stage prompts teenagers, like me, to ask ourselves who we want to be, what we desire out of life, and what worths and beliefs we live by. Erikson's Fifth Phase of Psychosocial Development Erik Erikson…...
DevelopmentEncyclopediaErik Erikson
APA Reference and Citation Worksheet
Words • 274
Pages • 2
Sentence 1: Include a quotation from a source in your annotated bibliography. Example: As noted by Goldberg (2000), Gilligan’s work was groundbreaking. “Without question, In a Different Voice was revolutionary and struck a powerful chord in both men and women” (p. 702). 1. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica online (2003) “This is a good overview article from a well-known, non-specialized encyclopedia that focuses on the various definitions of adult education. Sent1ence 2: Paraphrase information from a source in your annotated…...
EncyclopediaHigher EducationWork
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...Johannesburg was 700 kilometers away, that's the equivalent to 435 miles! In Johannesburg, he met his old friend Tambo, who was also studying law, and they opened up the first ever colored law firm in South Africa. But Nelson thought that there was a...

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