If I Had Super Powers Essay

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If I Had Super Powers

I asked my father what could we do if we had super powers. I for one thought it would be a good idea to be one of the Power Rangers and beat up all the bad people. He sat me down and we started talking about what else I could do……Why not put a smile on the face of every child in the world ? Sounds good enough but what use would that be….. Lets try to see what use that would be. If for example all the children in my class had a sweet smile on our faces ,our teacher would have a nice smile too. She would look very pretty and be cheerful.

She would go into the staffroom and the other teachers would smile . Soon all the teachers would be smiling and they would smile at Father and he too would have a nice smile. During the lunch interval, the smiling children of my class would smile at our friends in other classes and they would smile too. Soon all the children would be smiling at each other and at the chechis and security chettan. At the end of the day, on our way home we would smile at the bus driver and other passengers on the bus. Some of us would smile at our own drivers.

All these people would also feel like smiling and they would too. When we returned home we would all smile at our parents and they would smile too. All the people we had smiled at on the way home would feel like smiling at their husbands,wives or children. So you see, like an infectious disease, everyone in Cochin would soon be smiling at each other. When people smile, they feel happy and feel like sharing their happiness with others. Soon you would have people calling their friends in other towns, states and maybe other countries.

People would send letters and emails to friends all over the world. The smiling in Cochin could reach the whole world in a short while. In our present day world,many people are fighting with each other over money,land ,religion etc Not so fortunate little children are made to work for a living. If these children could have a smile on their faces,their hardship might feel a little lighter. Their masters would smile and treat them well. Smiling people in offices and factories would be polite and sincere at their work.

People would enjoy their work and companies would make more profit and they might share their profits with their employees. There would be no lying,cheating and fighting. We might not have thieves and terrorists. Everyone would be happy and content with what they have. If I could do so much for our world, that is a Super Power I’d like to have. Though the truth is I cannot have super powers I’d still like to try and I would like all of you to please smile like this……. smile. Who knows ,we might make a difference in the World.

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