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 Syria is a mixture of cultures , it combines between Christians and Muslims , as 30% of the population is Christians and the rest is Muslims ; people in this country celebrate together the same holiday festivities whereas Christians have many holiday celebrations such as the head of the year , and Muslims have two per a year such as ead feter and ead adha . And one of the best holiday celebrations ever was ead feter which we celebrate it for many reasons. One major reason of this holiday is to break the fast after thirty days without eating from the sunrise till sunset .

And during this thirty days , people sit together sharing a large dinner then they watch many series and competitive programs on the TV . Moreover , most of them stay awake till evening telling each other stories and comics , and as Islamic people share the celebration of the head of the year with Christians , also Christians people share the dinner and the celebration with them.

Furthermore , the important part of this celebration is the communication between families, whereas after this thirty days all the members of every family should visit each other, and across the generations the older instructs the younger , and the younger enlivens the older.

In the same way , even who are unconnected by blood they should at least call each other on the phone and say hello , such as friends or neighbors. Another reason is to remind rich people to donate the poor people by many ways . For instance , there is something called Zakat which is mean that people should donate 2.

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7% of their money account for poor people by hand instead of philanthropic organization .In addition, neighbors exchange each other (rich people to poor people) the food they made to make close relations gather together. Other important reasons exist , but in conclusion ,I can tell from this celebration that the familiarity and the intimacy between all the members of the society such as friends even different religions , families , and neighbors all in all can be stronger and closer much more than any days during the year.

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