My Bachelor’s Degree In Early Childhood And My Six Years Of Teaching Experience

When I was younger, my biggest passion was helping children. I always knew I wanted to help children. Initially, I thought I would fulfill this desire by becoming a pediatrician. By the time, I graduated high school I had already changed my mind and decided that I would become a nurse instead. However during my sophomore year in college, I found out I was pregnant. That made me reconsider being a nurse, because I am family-oriented person and I wanted to be there for my son as much as I could.

Now, I was faced with the hard decision of what I wanted to be, keeping in mind that I was going to be a mom soon. While I wanted to become a doctor, I knew I did not want a career that would be that demanding. Sobegan I ponder and reflect on my life and who made the greatest impact on my life as a child. As I thought back over the years, I remembered the love and help I received from my teachers.

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It was at that moment, I realized that I could help and make a great-long lasting impact by becoming a teacher. My biggest influencers are my teachers and my colleagues. They encourage me every day to keep striving for success.

I received my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, and these past six years have been the most challenging yet rewarding times of my life. I’ve learned so much as educator and about myself. One of the things, I noticed is the struggle in creating a solid literacy foundation.

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Literacy plays a major role in student success. My interest in literacy began when I was a little girl. I can remember being so engulfed in books. I loved reading and using my imagination. Reading was an escape from reality. I enjoyed imaging myself as the characters and learning about different topics. My love for reading is something that I will always cherish because it set the foundation for every subject and one of my greatest life skills. I’m also interested in learning more about literacy because it is a major focus for our district and state.

As a teacher, I strive to make sure my students leave with a strong literacy foundation and a love for reading. I also want to make sure I am well equipped with the best skills and strategies, so that I can help my students succeed. My bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood, as well as my six years of teaching experience, have prepared me for graduate work in Applied Learning. I am confident that my practical experience will contribute to my success as educator. I would love to learn more so that I could provide the best learning to experience for my students.

This program is going to challenge me as student, mom, and educator, but I know it will all be worth it in the end. I look forward to the experience and new learning opportunities. I hope to learn and grow as an educator, so that my teachings have a long-lasting impact on every child that enters my classroom. 

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