Multicast and Multimedia Networks

Abstract :

In this document the implementation of a multicast network using Ubuntu Linux will be witnessed with the help of suitable tools and services. The multicast protocol like IGMP are being used in order to develop the multicast group and build a multicast transmission tree. Multicast traffic have been captured with the help of Wireshark and the multicast packets have been sent through the Ekiga and it is received by Blink tool in order to debug multicast networks

Introduction :

In computer networking, multicast is defined as group communication in which data transmission is addressed to a group of destination computer at the same time .

Multicast could be one-to-many or many-to-many distribution. Multicast should not be confused with physical layer point-to-multipoint communication. Here we will see the requirements for IP multicast delivery, addressing and sending the packets and receiving the packets by using various tools provided by UBUNTU linux in order to witness the multicast routing. The following tools have been installed in order to send and receive packets to prove multicast networking on Ubuntu linux –

  • Ekiga (for sending packets)
  • Blink(for receiving packets)
  • Wireshark(for capturing the packets)

Software and Applications:Ubuntu Linux

In order to run ubuntu linux we are downloading the VMware workstation which is a virtualization and cloud computing software with VMware server virtualization and it comes on with a hypervisor that allows multiple virtual machines to run on the same physical server.

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Then download the ISO file of the Ubuntu Linux from the internet and then create a virtual machine called Ubuntu Linux in VMware workstation and add the ISO file to it in order to create a machine called UBUNTU linux and then create a user name, password and start the machine


Ekiga is a VoIP and video conferencing application.

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It was the default VoIP client in Ubuntu till 2009. We use Ekiga has it supports SIP which is a signalling protocol used for maintaining and terminating real-time sessions. By using the browser in the ubuntu linux Ekiga is downloaded to make the call

Blink is being installed from the windows browser to receive the call from the Ekiga that we have downloaded from the Ubuntu linux .An account is created in order to receive the call for the particular account


Wireshark is an open source packet analyzer that is used for network troubleshooting, software and communications protocol development. Wireshark uses pcap to capture packets that have been received and sent

Experimental work : Pinging and Testing

To check on the ip address for both the windows and the ubuntu linux. To do that open the command prompt in the windows and type ipconfig and for the linux open up the terminal and enter ifconfig and note down both the IP addresses. In order to ping from one operating system to the other to check on the number of packets sent and lost and see if there are any packet loss use the code ping and enter the ip address of the operating system u need to ping (ie)open the command prompt and type ping and then the ip address of the ubuntu linux and check on the packets sent and received and to ping windows open the terminal and type ping and the ip address of the windows to see the number of packets received and lost and if there are any packet loss

Msend and Mreceive

The messaging application called Session Initiation protocol(SIP) is being used here for controlling multimedia communication sessions. To send the multicast packets a professional IP telephony tool for the linux desktop called Ekiga have been used as the server.Blink tool from windows is being used as the SIP client.After making the call from the linux tool ekiga by entering the username of the blink which is a windows tool it is clearly evident that we are receiving the call and so the multicast packets have been received . Keeping the linux tool ekiga as a server the call has been made and received to the client and this clearly shows the multicast networking through linux


A data capturing program called Wireshark that knows the structure of various networking protocols is used for capturing the multicast traffic. Wireshark makes the user to put network interface controllers into promiscuous mode,so when capturing the packet anlayzer on the port on the network switch and it is not necessary to see all network traffic. Once the call is being made and recived open up the Wireshark and select capture in order to start capturing the multicast traffic

Limitations :

  • 1. In many circumstances the driver support is not present in the Ubuntu when compared to the other operating systems.
  • 2. Its always a big deal to update the OS in Ubuntu due to the file system they are using.
  • 3. We cannot expect from a multicast application for the reliable data delivery
  • 4. Network congestion may occur due to the lack of TCP windowing

Conclusion :

Although the Ubuntu has a complicated user experience when compared to the other OS, we have managed to display the concepts of multicast networking by building a multicast transmission tree using multicast protocol IGMP. By the usage of various tools it is deliberately shown that the multicast packets have been received and sent and debugging of multicast networks took place and the various multicast traffic have been captured clearly.

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