Mountain Brook Fitness Center SWOT Analysis

The Mountain Brook Fitness Center is a business which provides service in health and fitness. The fitness center currently offer swimming, tennis, court sports, massage, physical therapy, childcare, and cardiovascular and weight training fitness center. It attracts mostly young people under the age of 45 and accredits the center success of the ability to provide childcare services to its members. The Mountain Brook Fitness Center is located in a city named, Monroe with a population of about 600,000 people. In, its business plan an increase in Monroe population of 15% has occurred over the past 3 years since this business plan was wrote.

The Executive Summary of the business plan is to accommodate the influx of people by increasing the number of children able to attend the childcare facility. Currently the childcare can care for 25 children and 5 infants. The new facility will be able to care for 75 children and 25 infants. The plan for financial funding of the new childcare center will be to borrow the money.

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The objective of this company is to remain the only fitness center providing this type of service to consumers. Mountain Brook Fitness Center SWOT Analysis

This is an analysis identifying the noted strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of the Mountain Brook Fitness Center business plan. Strength
Financially, the business sales showed a steady increase over the last three years while spending approximately the same amount in operating expenses, leaving a larger margin between operating cost and profits. This business has a unique feature; this is a 24/7 hours business that offers childcare services any hour of the day.

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This will appeal to consumers that work nightshifts or only able to utilize a fitness center at night time hours. The young urban professional is named as the segment targeted group to sell memberships to the center. Targeting the young urban professional group is good since Monroe has experience a growth in employment over the years due to many high tech companies emerging in the city. The owners, Robert Sinclair and Arnold Hess both have MBA degrees in finance and have a combined amount of years in health and fitness business and accounting. The Mountain Brook Fitness Center Weakness

The Mountain Brook Fitness Center business plan does not currently mention membership counselors, or personal trainers as part of the personnel staff. Every customer who wishes to accomplish a healthier lifestyle may not know to get there correctly. All needs of the customers must be identified to provide the best service possible, by doing so; the business could set itself away from the competition. The Company will need to borrow the money to build the childcare facility. The company business plan does not mention how it will counteract any threats from competitors, when they began to offer similar services at lower prices. It appears that the main goal of the Mountain Brook Fitness Center is catering to families but does not state any plans for improving their other services for the other members. With the expected increase in members with families, other facilities within the center will need to be expanded to accommodate the influx as well as hiring new employees to run the facilities. Opportunities

Mountain Brook Fitness Center has a couple of opportunities to assure that their business plan will be successful. With the growing population in Monroe, the owners could do some research on new consumers besides the urban population to find out what other group of people are interested in health and fitness memberships. The new childcare facility will be a reason for further training and certification of its employees. A customer who knows that their child or children will be in the hands of trained and certified staff will be a customer who will likely return and utilized the center. Conclusion

The Mountain Brook Fitness Center plan is good start and there are many items in place to make it the one fitness center in Monroe for families. The new childcare facility will be selling pitch staple to the targeted segmented group. On the other hand, the company does not mention a counteraction plan for the competition in the area when they start to offer the same or similar services to the citizen of Monroe. Neither was there a plan for handling the influx of new members. This business plan is good with all of the right intentions and finances in place; it just need to be better prepare when the competition tries to challenge them.

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Mountain Brook Fitness Center SWOT Analysis

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