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Moral Decline in Society

“Freedom without morality inevitably becomes merely the liberty to perpetuate evil.” The topic I will be presenting on is: “Family is responsible for the general moral decline in society”. Do any of you know what a ‘moral’ is? The Collins English dictionary defines a moral as the difference between right and wrong or good and bad.

What about the word ‘decline’? It simply means a decrease. Thus, a moral decline is a decrease in the difference between knowing what is right and wrong or good and bad.

Children learn moral values mainly within their families, and mainly by relying on parents as role models. When families are unstable, when parents are absent, emotionally distant, or pre-occupied, or whenever parents themselves are immoral, the learning of moral values by children is greatly slowed down. For example, what if you grew up in a family where you were forced to sell drugs at an early age? What would you grow up to do, sell drugs? Consider a family who spends time together by going on family outings, and enjoy the quality time that is being spent.

During these times, parents may instill in children the proper moral values that would allow them to grow up to be proper adults.

With the attack of advertising and the organized entertainment industry, and often sex and violence- saturated popular culture they are driving, childhood is no longer the relatively protected period that it has been in recent times. Children are thrust into an adult culture at an early age, just as they once were in the older era.

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If a child doesn’t have a strong emotional attachment to a parent, the effectiveness of the parent as a teacher and moral guide is greatly reduced….

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Moral Decline in Society
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