Modern Life vs Village Life

Lots of towns and towns then are nothing more than suburbs today. By meaning cities have bigger populations than towns which are larger than towns, which is a significant distinction in between modern life and town life. In today’s Modern life cities have an urban settlement with large populations where as villages were settlements of community with small populations.

Modern life have many advantages over town, because city modern life center are quickly readily available, as telephone, gas, internet, schools, colleges, universities, medical facilities, industries, factories, roadways, airports, train stations and many were most, but the majority of village are denied of these numerous facilities like lots of villages no facility of gas, telephone, roadways, etc.

“The Telephone,” Accawi offers a plain description of how the contemporary world began its intrusion into an ageless and insulated culture, where “there was no real need for a calendar or a watch to monitor the day, hours months, and years”.

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As Accawi states of village life:”we lived and liked and toiled and dies without ever needing to understand what year it was, and even the time of day.

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” Village life is slow moving and more agriculturally based while city is the center for trade, industrial industry and education. Modern life is constantly on the go, there are lots of deals for pleasures, chances for tasks, if you have a great task you can live well. The village was a traditional location where everybody taken pleasure in life and being around each other.

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Although village life had its satisfaction, but it also had its flaws.

In village life there were more chances of dying then in modern life . Forexample health care wise, assistance is wasn’t always available in the village if someone was in danger they would of had to rely on their own resources. Medical help is more easily available in modern life. Villages were miles and miles away from the nearest hospital or police station. But in a city with EMS the nearest hospital or clinic is just a few seconds away. Mordern dangers like traffic are constant but it is rarely pointed out that villages had their dangers too.

A child playing in a village park may get bit by an wild animal. Wild animals are more of a threat in villages and may carry disease. But to belive that village life is safer than modern isn’t necessarily true. A was a threat is a threat whereevery it occurs A village child may grow up with the appreciation of birds and the wonders of the out doors and miss out on priceless opportunites in the modern day life. Modern life may have its flaws, but the opportunity given outweighs them.

Morden life may seem preferable to the village life, because of technology and large scenery, but there are some disadvantages too, the cost of the living is high in the city, the city is noisy, no fresh air nor pure water. So it is hard to live a healthy life. People living in cities are different but similar from people living in villages. It is normal to us that city life is more enjoyable than village life. From our prospective of modern life, city life is filled with a lot of advantages. This is because of the fact that there are a number of opportunities open to you in modern life .

City life is provided with a lot of facilities too. The behavior of the people in village life is different from the people in modern life. The people in villages on the other hand are warm-hearted and friendly. People in villages are very helpful in nature whereas people living in cities tend to be more selfish in their attitude. Villagers accept you well where as modern life people tend not to. It’s quiet, peaceful and the air was fresh in the village life, employment was seasonal for example farming witch is similar to roofers in the modern life,during the rainy season and brick making in the dry season.

Wages brung better way of living to many familes in the village life, villagers were able to trade things and purchase farming goods from farmers like we trade and purchase food from our modern day markets. But You would not find many facilities and opportunities in a village. Parents would be love to send their child to the city for higher studies rather than to villages. The city is filled with quality higher education institutions whereas villages do not have with high quality colleges and universities. As read in the ,the villagers did not have much, and technology was very new to them.

Fore example they judged time by certain events that happened. The birth of someone important or earthquake would be enough to grasp time. The children would play in the streets and run errands for the grown ups for money. Accawi grew up in this town and he was quietly statisfied and happy with his life. He woundn’t be to kindly of change because he had fun without all the advantages of technology. Assuming everyone else was happy as well. However, when the telephone came, it changed their lives forever. The telephone brought so many opportunities for the villagers.

As read in the text “the whole village would sit by the phone and wait for it to ring and bring them news, and opportunities to make money”. The people of Magdaluna fell in love with the phone. The crowd around the phone grew larger and larger. People would receive job and leave the village. This was upsetting to many people of Magdaluna, especially Accawi. . I can agree with Accawi,I miss my home town in Haiti, migrating to America was a lot to take in. Like Accawi I was so acostume to the way of living in Haiti, so similar to the village life in Magadluna.

But once my father found a better job in America we moved out as soon as possible. facing a variety of finical problems crime, drugs, corruption, a troubled my town my father was overwhelmed and dissatisfied with the direction of our town. He believe life was better in the United States. Close to 70% of my town say that people who move from hatiti enjoy a better life in the U. S. And the vast majority of those who are in regular contact with friends and relatives living in the U. S. say those friends and relatives have largely achieved their goals.

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