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Reconciliation Among the Lamaba
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 Who are the Lamba? Lamba also known as Lama are from Northern part of Togo located especially in the city of Kande or Kante. They speak a language recognized as Lama Language. The singular of lama or Lamba is Lam?. They are mostly called Lamba. The suffix -mba means people in the plural and especially when a name ends in a nasal. They were confused by some of the early linguists who called both them (Lamba) and their language Losso,…...
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Annual Village Fair
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A village fair is an annual affair in our village life. It is basically a large gathering of rural people on a particular occasion. It is like a mirror that reflects the emblem of rural life, culture, art and heritage. A village fair generally sits by focusing a day of great importance in our village life. It is held on the occasions of some religious festivals or local important events. It sits on the 1st day of Baishakh, the first…...
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Modern Life vs Village Life
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Lots of towns and towns then are nothing more than suburbs today. By meaning cities have bigger populations than towns which are larger than towns, which is a significant distinction in between modern life and town life. In today's Modern life cities have an urban settlement with large populations where as villages were settlements of community with small populations. Modern life have many advantages over town, because city modern life center are quickly readily available, as telephone, gas, internet, schools,…...
Challenges Of Modern LifeOur TownTownVillage life
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Compare/ Contrast Rural and Urban Living
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Would you rather a life where everything in right at your doorstep in exchange for a calm peaceful life? Or maybe live within a united community in exchange for a closer job, and everything seemingly easier. Well this is the reality we live in. Everything has its advantages and its disadvantages, we can’t have it all. Whether choosing the country or town life depends on the utilities, community, environment and facilities provided. Utilities provided to an area are important when…...
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A Maya Village, The Folk-Urban Continuum Lifestyle
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The "folk-urban continuum" model elaborated by Robert Redfield continues to reappear from time to time in various guises. The concept of the continuum has been attacked as being simplistic, and overgeneralized, not least because many geographers have detected village-type communities within large cities. Redfield's speculations about what he saw as the significant changes from the folk to the urban end of the continuum are based on studies conducted in the Yucatan during the early 1930s. It's essential elements focus on…...
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Country living vs city living
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Pages • 2
In Certain cases, never cross your mind that City life is better than village life. However, there are so many advantages and disadvantages in city life and village life, also there is a big differ in the lifestyle with a little similarities. Reality, city life is more comfortable and civilization. As will as there are a lot of chances to developing the live. firstly, in City life there is a good opportunity for a young people make theme start them…...
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