Torn from the Nest Essay

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Torn from the Nest

What is the picture of village life this book gives us?

Clorinda Matto de Turner book, Torn from the Nest, takes the reader into the village life of Peru. Torn from the Test depicts the tribulations of the lifestyle that people in the countryside live. At this time Peru was trying to build a strong nation this meant the government had an influence on how these people lived their lives. Turner’s book takes the reader into the society and virtues of these people. The importance of this book is too show the significance of how people who are sent to govern or to ecclesiastical services are to take care of the people who needed their services.

The story of Marcela depicts the injustices that exist in the villages of Peru. Her story begins with a collection agent due to arrive at her house looking for compensation. Marcela looked for help from Lucia, the wife of Don Fernando Marin. The Marin’s play a role compared to a caudillo transferring the message of the poor to the gentry. The reaction this message caused was an outbreak of violence on the Marin’s set up by the governor and the priest! When the rich tried to help the poor they were shot down. How can this government care for its people when all it cares about is money? The government and the church does not want change, they want money. The government successfully gave a reason for the people not to follow their system.

Indigenismo, which is renaissance Indian culture through people, is seen to be backwards by the gentry. The daily life for these people was simply; this simply life associates with Indian culture. These poor peasants were exploited for the good of the upper class. This village was a jail for the people who lived there. These people were trapped in a system that held them down. The lack of schools, good faith by the clergy, and just the ignorance shown to these people drove them further away from civilization.

“Father Pascual, the governor, and the collection agent or headmen, that frightful trinity that embodied a single injustice.”

Village life meant a poor life; there was no social mobility for these people. The injustice shown to the poor allows them to practice their culture. The backwoods of Peru see that they are mistreated and have no reason to confirm to what the government offers. There is no modernization process for this society because the government doesn’t support it. By not setting up a relation to the church and government these Peruvian people will never grasp the ideals of a modern society.

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