Minimum Wage Is A Difficult Way

Amazon is a company that delivers faster than any other company worldwide. They’re rapidly growing by sending out millions of products to customers daily and being the largest online retailer in America. The work couldn’t be done without all the employees that make Amazon function. Even though Amazon is one of the most valuable companies worldwide. From 2013, workers of Amazon globally decided they were going to stand up and start a strike, because they felt that the company wasn’t treating them how they deserve to be treated.

According to the Washington Post article “Amazon workers strike on Prime Day,” by Bhattarai, in November 2018, “Nearly 1,800 Amazon workers in Spain went on strike Monday during Prime Day, the company’s biggest sales day of the year, according to labor activists. Thousands more Amazon employees in Germany were expected to walk off the job Tuesday, the second day of the 36-hour sale, for similar reasons.” Workers from other countries noticed they needed to make a change, and that’s why they planned the strike.

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The workers wanted to show the billion dollar company that if they don’t fix their issues, it could negatively impact the companies finances. The employees were getting frustrated with Amazon is corporation because they weren’t taking the issue seriously; that’s why they planned a walkout day on Prime Day, which is one of the business times of the year. The workers were fighting during the strike to make Amazon give them higher wages, better working conditions, and treat them like robots.

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Employees wanted to ensure that Amazon was listening to what they had to say, or they would continue to strike and work to demolish the company.

Starting back before 2018, workers around Europe started to express their feelings about their pay, which got the media’s attention. The people wanted Amazon corporation to pay them what they deserve and not just minimum wage. The minimum wage around Europe is around 9 pounds, which is $10.19 in the United States. The United States minimum wage is $7.25, which was not sitting easy with the workers. They wanted more for the manual labor they were putting into each package. Minimum wage is a difficult way for one to live because they are having to live paycheck to paycheck. The employees are struggling to keep up with their daily lives because they are getting paid little. They know the company is striving making billions of dollars a year when they aren’t getting paid higher wages for their work.

One worker stated, “‘The message is clear—while the online giant gets rich, it is saving money on the health of its workers,’ Stefanie Nutzenberger, German trade union Verdi spokesperson, said in a statement” (Bhattarai). It shows that the CEO and other higher people in power want to keep the money for themselves. The employees feel that they should be getting paid higher due to the amount of labor they put into their job. They put in 40 hours a week and don’t see a comparison of pay for other people doing easier jobs. They know that the billion dollar company can pay for higher wages or if Amazon is planning to come up with a plan of how to do so. In “Workers Strike and Promote Boycotts on Amazon Prime Day,” by Thomhave, “The study documents how, contrary to assertions that Amazon is a job creator, the company has actually helped eliminate jobs, due to the shuttering of brick-and-mortar stores that could not compete with the online behemoth. Amazon’s jobs also pay less than comparable work, and are often temporary.” Amazon is growing at a faster rate while saving money by paying minimum wage. They could get about thirteen workers for only one-hundred dollars an hour. Many people, when they are in need of a job, take anything that they can get to get a paycheck. This allows Amazon to pay minimum wage because they know people need a job and they have an opening to fill. They can make many jobs, and the amount of profit Amazon is making in that one hour is astronomical compared to the pay the workers are receiving. Employees should fight for what they believe in because they are working for the company, and they feel that with the services they are giving Amazon, they should receive decent pay in return. The employees know that Amazon cares for their reputation, so why not give the employees good pay that makes the reputation happen?

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