Media pays too much attention on famous people Essay

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Media pays too much attention on famous people

Television, newspapers and other media tackle many issues such as various national and international news, namely sports, business issues and other events, as well as keep people updated with news about famous people. However in my view, nowadays the media spends an inordinate amount of time reporting on famous people. With the remarkable development of media, the personal life of a famous person is no longer ‘personal’. Every day, there are plenty of news reporters and journalists waiting outside the homes of famous people.

They take pictures of the things they do, and the people they meet. Anything that seems strange or unusual and often the most ordinary things too, would make the next day’s front page and headlines followed by all kinds of wild stories. Sometimes it is absurd and annoying, and has greatly disturbed the normal life of those people. Personally, I cannot agree more with media paying too much attention to them. Some people say that it is actually ‘fun’ to read about the reports on famous people. Mostly none of them are true, so why do people even bother reading them?

Honestly, I must say that people are forgetting that every single human being in this world is just a person with feelings and do not deserve to be driven into insanity and drug abuse- for instance, like young celebrities are. No matter where we stand because of our achievements, our luck or destiny, the truth is that we are all equals, competing each other in the great human race. A typical example of this issue is the untimely death of the beautiful princess known by all, Princess Diana. It was due to an accident while trying to run away from the paparazzi following her and her boyfriend.

This is proof that the excessive attention media pays on such personalities can even be fatal. It not only disturbs them, but can harm them in ways we cannot expect. After weighing up the pros and cons of this issue, I strongly believe that television and newspapers spend too much time reporting on famous people. Media should stop this obsession, and focus on informing people more about important world events instead. Even celebrities and famous people are humans just like us; they too have a right to live their personal lives in happiness and peace.

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