Worldview Analysis of 'Signs': Faith Amidst Tragedy

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I have picked the movie Indications to do my worldview analysis on. First, I will talk about the worldviews that the primary characters in the movie have. I will then answer the question of if the characters were true to their worldviews. I will likewise go over the obstacles that the main characters faced that deterred the character or characters from living out their worldview. Finally, I will explain psychological, emotional, or spiritual reactions I had to the film along with discuss if I agree or disagree with the worldview present in the movie.

I will begin by stating that the primary character had a Christian worldview but in the beginning of the movie, due to a disaster in his life, he had an atheist worldview. I know the main character, Graham, had a Christian worldview prior to the disaster happened in his life due to the fact that he was a priest. After the tragedy in his life he stopped being a priest and totally left the church.

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Graham told everyone to stop calling him daddy and upon a discussion with his bro Merrill about faith he told him that he did not believe in miracles. He likewise explained the important things his other half informed him right before she died as being the result of scientific reactions in the body rather than them having any real substantial meaning for a special function. This is evidence of Graham changing his worldview to that of an atheist. Graham's brother, Merrill, had a Christian worldview all throughout the film.

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I understand this to be true for Merrill due to the fact that he freely says throughout the faith conversation that he is definitely a miracles guy.

I will now move on to the question of whether or not the main characters were to true to their worldviews. Merrill remained true to his worldview throughout the whole movie. I know this to be the case because he said he was a miracles man and he also prayed for his nephew when he was having the asthma attack and had no inhaler. Graham, however, was inconsistent with his worldview throughout the movie. First, he started out with an atheist worldview because losing his wife made him lose his faith in God. When his son started having his asthma attack he went back to praying and asked God to please not take his son away to. Graham then got his faith back from this experience with his son. After this experience Graham continues to pray in response to the alien spraying the poison gas in his sons face as well as that the inhaler and shot help him pull through. At the end of the movie it shows that Graham goes back to being a priest and starts living out his Christian worldview again.

With that being said, I will now discuss the obstacle in the main character, Graham’s, life that caused him to avoid staying true to his Christian worldview. This obstacle was the loss of his wife. The death of Graham’s wife was not only hard for him because he lost her but because of how traumatic the accident was. This caused Graham to give up on his Christian faith and not believe in God at all. After the accident Graham stopped being a priest and stopped praying as well. This is why I know that it was the loss of his wife in particular that caused Graham to stop living out his Christian worldview.

Lastly, I will now discuss the emotional, mental, and spiritual reactions I personally had about the movie. I felt very saddened over the loss of Graham’s wife because I could not even begin to know how awful it would be to lose a spouse. I also found it very sad to watch the children deal with the loss of their mother. The moment at the dinner table when they are all setting down to what they think could be their last meal together was also very moving and a very important part of the movie in my opinion. The whole family broke down and cried together and the moment when Graham pulled his brother Merrill over by the shirt to make him join in the hug made me cry.

This part in the movie is the definition of family to me. The part of the movie that moved me spiritually was when Merrill told Graham he was tired of seeing his big brother lose his faith in God. My favorite part was when Merrill said that he never wanted to see the look in Grahams eyes again when he said they were having the faith discussion earlier in the movie. This part also made me cry and feel like cheering in agreement with Merrill. I also have to say that I strongly agreed with the Christian worldview in this movie, especially Merrill’s because even in great fear and tragedy he still remained true to his Christian worldview. In conclusion, I very much enjoyed watching this movie and it certainly moved and touched me emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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