Marketing Strategies Of Greenwich Pizza

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Greenwich re-invents itself more with a more dynamic "G" logo design to attract more clients. This brand name look is also a sign of how attuned the business is with the ever-changing times and developing customer lifestyles. From its previous dark green and red color pattern, Greenwich shops were revamped with a contemporary theme using the better and more vibrant colors of fantastic green and vivid rose. The new colors and graphics assist develop a livelier, more welcoming environment in Greenwich stores.

In addition to this, the new corporate visual identity graphics display the dynamism of the brand. This make over is also matched by crunchier and tastier pizza products. With abundant loads of garnishes on crunchy pizza crust, Greenwich created a perfect balance in between the consumer's expectations of product quality and taste and a pleasant dining experience. A whole makeover, a whole brand-new Greenwich! This becomes part of Greenwich's continuing effort to connect to pizza fans all over the Philippines.

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POWERFUL ADVERTISING Greenwich aggressively harnesses tri-media to communicate all the benefits customers can enjoy at Greenwich.

This is augmented by the use of outdoor marketing products and retailing collaterals that help heighten public awareness of Greenwich offerings. All these total reliable projects and exciting promotions that inevitably equate to high sales efficiency. Greenwich focuses its marketing project on the yindie groups and the method has actually worked marvels. The term "yindie" has actually been around for a while now, although it did not become a buzz word like "nouveau riche.

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"It is specified in dictionaries as a casual term referring to a person who combines a profitable profession with non-mainstream tastes.

From a pizza chain that was ranked 5 years ago somewhere in the bottom of the market ladder with other little pizza stores, Greenwich has become the No. 1 pizza chain in the nation, accounting for a minimum of 60 percent of the P5-billion market. "Our market share is now larger than those of the other 2 significant pizza chains in the country, combined," says Luis U.

Velasco III, marketing director of Fresh N' Famous Foods Inc., maker of Greenwich pizza and a member-company of the Jollibee Foods group.

Velascosaysthecampaignfocusingonthebarkadasstartedwhen,after conducting research five years ago, the company realized it was nowhere to be found in the pizza industry’s list of major players.

It was lumped with the rest of small players, which were hardly making a dent in the pizza market. “We decided that we want our brand to be stronger in the minds of our consumers. We took a closer look at our products, identified our strongest offering, which is pizza, and studied its characteristics. We then looked for the type of market that we wanted to talk to,” Velasco recounts. “Pizza is a fun product, adventurous considering the many kinds of toppings one can put on it, less formal as you eat it with your bare hands whether sitting or standing and it is a type of food that people enjoy eating when shared,” he says.

Given the characteristics of its main product offering, it was decided that Greenwich pizza and the yindies were a perfect match. Just like Greenwich pizza, the yindie market is casual, more adventurous, hip and fun, and interactive and inclusive. As Greenwich turned its focus on this segment of the market, the company decided to level up and redefine itself from being a fast-food to a fast-casual chain of restaurants. “Our roots are fast food and we are not abandoning it, we are only upgrading the customers’ experience in our restaurants,” Velasco says.

To transform into a fast-casual restaurant, Greenwich did a makeover of all of its outlets, improved on its pizzas in terms of quality and the varieties of its offering, made its pastas (especially the lasagna) at par with the offerings of even some fine-dining restaurants in the metropolis, introduced other fun food like chicken wings, offered full meals and even breakfast meals in some outlets. “We upgraded our looks and our service to customers. Our offerings now are not the usual fast-food type of products anymore,” Velasco says. We have been known as the affordable pizza option, that is fine and we are keeping that. But we also want to be known for good taste, quality service and a part of the barkada. ”

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