Marketing Strategies of Boeing and Airbus

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Effective marketing strategies are considered to be the integral part of every organization. If it’s implemented in an appropriate manner than an organization can reap desired results. Every organization wishes to design its marketing strategy in a proactive manner such that it would give the organization a sustainable competitive advantage. That’s the reason why an organization stresses a lot it developing effective marketing strategies because they want to achieve their objectives and their mission. In this paper we would analyze the marketing strategies of Boeing and Airbus and how both of them are influencing the aviation industry.

Introduction The Boeing Company is considered to be the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial aircrafts and as far as exports are concerned the Boeing Company is United States major exporter. The organization is quite in every attribute and it employee more than 105,000 people. Similarly, Airbus is the subsidiary of Aircraft manufacturing company EADS (European Aerospace Company). Airbus is considered as one of the leading aircraft producers of the world and the company produces around half of the world’s jet airlines.

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Both these organizations are considered as fierce rivals of each other and they have a strong eye on each other’s strategies. These two companies have been soaring high in the marketplace based on its level of market share and level of credibility. In fact the two companies have been improving their businesses in order to outwit each competitor by incorporating technology advances in superior designs (Campos, 2001). The rivalry between the two plane makers has already created a noise in the marketplace but the two companies are still existing and soaring higher in spite of competition.

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The products of Boeing are known as Boeing business jets, Boeing VIP and military jets and they are numbered as 737,747,767,777, and 787 Dreamliner. Similarly, the products of Airbus are A320, A300, A330 and A380 Family. Marketing Strategy of Boeing The marketing strategy of Boeing is quite extensive and attractive in nature. Boeing faced a huge number of manufacturing difficulties and a competitive threat from its huge rivals Airbus. Boeing had to find an efficient way of developing and building airplanes and for that reason they changed the entire production systems and they revamped their marketing strategies (Balle & Balle, 2005).

Boeing’s aircrafts are a sign of prestige and comfort. Boeing marketing strategy like others is dependent on projections and forecasts. That is the reason why Boeing forecasts a $2. 6 trillion market for a new commercial airplane which is nearly over the next 20 years. The strong market demand in the airplane industry will lead the organization to a world fleet and with a significantly improved environmental performance. Boeing gives an appealing touch and it’s more preferred by the customers. The 787 of Boeing is considered to be a different version of airplanes and it has an entirely different vision.

Similarly, the design of the plane is entirely different too. The conventional approach is not followed by the Boeing and it doesn’t apply the hub-and-spoke model. The vice president of sales and marketing has stressed on the design of Boeing and he believes that number of frequencies offered by the airlines has doubled. He believes that customer’s preferences about airplanes are changing and customers prefer more point-to-point flights which allow the customers to fly more frequently and on smaller planes (Newhouse, 2008).

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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