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Marketing manager in al Fahim group

Al Fahim is a company that was started in 1958 by Abdul Al Fahim, with the belief that companies only grow if they have a solid financial foundation that can be built with sound investment (Al Fahim group, 2008). It began operating with a less than ten employees and dealt in general merchandise at the time. However, due to the leadership of the late founder, this company has grown to be among the largest businesses in the UAE. The management has played a key role in foresight and planning, and this has made the company achieve the high levels of success.

The Al Fahim group is made up of eight successful independent companies that operate in diverse fields. These companies are Emirates Investments, Emirates Motors, Abdul Jalil Industrials, Al Jallaf Trading, Central Motors, Abdul Jalil Travel, Western Motors and Eastern Motors. The company uses joint venture as an expansion strategy, as well as gives back to the community through donations and sponsorships. This paper aims at analyzing the prospects of Al Fahim in entering and penetrating the telecommunication industry in the United Arab Emirates, and the strategy that it should use in doing so.

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The paper does a SWOT and PEST analysis on the UAE telecommunication industry and Al Fahim with a view of coming up with a realistic market penetration strategy. The paper also gives a brief conclusion and recommendation on the subject. SWOT analysis. Strengths. This is a major company in the UAE and has a lot of goodwill from clients due to the good track record that it has shown over the years.

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Such goodwill makes clients want to use its products and is also useful when undertaking investment and financing activities. Another strength that this company possesses is the ability to analyze the market trends and predict the future.

This is one quality that has made the company excel over its competitors. It has always predicted the future market trends and adjusted early enough, such that it stays ahead of its competitors. A third strength is that the company gives back to the community through donations and sponsorships. This is a strategy that is aimed at showing support for the community so that the community may also reciprocate the support by using the products of this company. Weaknesses. Al Fahim group is made up of eight very large companies. Due to the large nature of the companies, some weaknesses related to bureaucracy arise.

One weakness is that there is a weak communication link between the higher level employees and the lower level employees (Library Information and Research Service, 2005). Sometimes the senior managers are not accessible to junior employees, which makes them de-motivated. Opportunities. Al Fahim has already established itself to be a major business power in UAE. It still has the potential to grow and expand its presence beyond UAE and even the Middle East. Al Fahim has already proved that it has the ability to predict the future trends, and this means that it should expand its presence in more countries and continents as a multi-national.

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