New Manager Stumbles Case Analysis Essay

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New Manager Stumbles Case Analysis

Suggest some options for Goldstone at this point. What might he do to help himself achieve success in his current situation? First, Goldstone must think back about what he has done in the last 6 months and analyze his own performance. In this way, he can find out what mistake he has made in his management ; also, he needs to figure out the reasons for why he was making mistakes. Afterwards, he needs to face the reality and encourage himself to ask people who is on higher level when he does not know what to do. For example, in this situation, he needs to stop being defensive and reluctant of talking with Ludlow. Instead, he needs to use his valuable experience to help him propose a solid plan and discuss with Ludlow. The conversation between him and Ludlow was not helpful for both his and the company’s development. Therefore, they need to both realize the problem and start to cooperate with each other in order to create a double-win situation for them.

Secondly, it will be an great asset for Goldstone if he can find a mentor within the company or the company could assign a mentor who had sufficient experience to help Goldstone out. Indeed, the company had many training programs and also the employee development training seminar which allowed the managers to sit together and exchange their thoughts and experience. However, the training program was all about theory and was really difficult for managers to put it into action; also, the training seminar were not effective as all the managers were just feeling sympathized but not sharing any useful management advice with each other.

In order to find out an effective way to solve the current problems, he needs to talk with a mentor whom he can consult from. Moreover, company needs to let him know that the mentor is more than welcome to consult him and answer his questions. Through this way, Goldstone can articulate the company’s strategy and benefit for a long term. Furthermore, Goldstone can suggest the executive level to develop more practical training and management skills for the new managers. In this way, Goldstone can have a better relationship with executive level people as they can see Goldstone are putting efforts to this company; also, it is good for Bulwark’s long term development.

Last, Goldstone needs to work on his people management. In addition to consulting from his potential mentors and Ludlow, he needs to figure out a way to manage the sales rep working for him. Instead of simply managing and instructing them what to do, he needs to maintain a good relationship with them. In other words, he needs to get respect from them and get trust from them. He needs to apply golden rule and think for his sales rep which can help him avoid accidents like losing Puckett happen again. Also, he needs to use his courage and his strength to win the respect from his best sales rep Tony Skrow. As Skrow is the most successful sales rep in his team, winning the respect and trust from him can help Goldstone getting the entire control of the whole team.

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