Market Essay Topics

Market Research Report Energy and Sports Drink Market Growth in Asia

The changing consumer preferences, demand for functional beverages, increasing awareness towards healthy lifestyles and growing urban population in Asia would be the major factors that would drive the market in coming years. An increasing awareness towards healthy lifestyles has led to a transition in the taste and preferences of people in Asia. The young urban… View Article

The Catfish Dispute

The United States is a leader in the Vietnamese catfish industry and, in 2001, produced 597 million pounds of catfish. Catfish is a particularly popular dish in the southern states of the United States and produced domestically in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana in man-made freshwater ponds. Although the U.S. is clearly one of the top… View Article

What Is the Principle-Agent Relationship

A great majority of social and economic relationships are of the principle agent type. The principle-agent problem is a game-theoretic situation where; there is a player (the principal) and one more other players (the agents). This is the problem of how the principle can motivate the agent to act for the principles benefit rather than… View Article

Overview of the US subprime market

With regards to the U. S. subprime market, the term itself refers to the status of the borrower, alternative terms for which are B-paper, near-prime, or second chance lending, all refer to the practice of giving loans to borrowers who have a faulty credit history and hence do not qualify for the prevalent market rates…. View Article

Overcoming Market Failure with Perfect Competition

Market failure occurs when goods or services are not allocated in an efficient manner, or when the quantity of a good or service in demand is unequal to the quantity supplied (Market Failure 2008). In other words, failure of the market is the absence of perfect competition in which prices automatically move to economic equilibrium… View Article

Simulated Test Market

Methodology The methodology of a Simulated Test Market can typically be broken down into five steps. First, respondents are selected to provide a sample of consumers who satisfy predetermined demographic characteristics. Next, consumers are shown commercials or print ads for the test product as well as ads for competitor’s products. Then, consumers are given the… View Article

Swatch Case Study

After Hayek took over as CEO of Societe Suisse de Microelectronique et d’Horlogerie (SMH), he realized that the company’s watch making process needed to be looked at and reanalyzed. No more could they reject the lowest market segment of watches as it was proving to be the most highly profitable, so they decided to introduce… View Article

Competitive Strategies

The U.S. offers a free market where businesses are able to have free enterprise to open and operate an ideal to provide a product or service to the public. There are many businesses that offer similar products and create competition. Consumers are able to have the options in the marketplace. Energizer and Duracell are two… View Article

Free Market

According to the Investopedia, ‘a free market system is a market economy based on supply and demand with little or no government control. It is a completely free market in which buyers and sellers are allowed to transact freely based on a mutual agreement on price without Government intervention in the form of taxes, subsidies… View Article

The Options Market

Trading is a complex world of investors. Traders engage in different forms of trading, including trading mutual funds, bonds and stocks to have a form of security. However, there is another form of security that offers another realm of opportunity for investors; and this is the options market. Options market is where options are being… View Article

Free Market Online Case Analysis

It was Glen Meakem who founded FreeMarkets in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1995. He always has been attracted by the entrepreneurial adventure. After he finished his degree he get a job in a consulting firm named McKinsey & Co he was specialized in industrial sourcing and commodities trading. There he discovered that it was really difficult… View Article

Secondary labor market

Many Liberal feminists believe that gender role of socialization is the major reason for sexual division of labor. The main act which is responsible for this change is because of the activities and nurturing that is been followed right from the home of the girl or the boy. At homes there is mainly manipulation and… View Article

Grolsch Company

1. Yes, several of the major players have been actively engaging in mergers and acquisitions, leading to a more concentrated market with larger market shares for the leading firms. 2. There is not a clear leader which absolutely dominates the industry. While Heineken is the leader in the international market, Bud (Light) leads total volume…. View Article

Erx (Electronic Prescribing/E-Prescribing) Market

Electronic prescribing can be considered as one important aspect of a larger technological transformation in the healthcare industry. Electronic prescribing is rapidly becoming a standard of practice in the developed countries of the world and a significant rise is seen in the adoption rate among hospitals and office-based prescribers. eRx empowers more informed decision making… View Article

Background and overview of Marine Insurance Market

Marine insurance is one of the oldest forms of insurance dating back to the twelfth century. Trading in olden days was mostly through the sea routes and traders faced heavy losses at sea occasionally. Loss of goods and investment were a matter of great concern among the sea-faring traders. European countries like United Kingdom, Greece… View Article

Market Segmentation

A definition of market segmentation is groups of potential buyers that have two things in common, similar needs and a reaction to the marketing strategy. (Kerin, 188) There are four different segments to the market. They are geographic area, demographic focus, psychographic referring to lifestyle and behavioral which refers to where the person makes purchases,… View Article

Free Market and Market Character

The main difficulty in tackling this question is squaring moral means with moral ends, (Wilkinson, 2008). Moral character, or virtue, is a means to achieving moral ends. As the socioeconomic structure changes so do the means of achieving moral ends. Free markets flourishes along fast socioeconomic change, and therefore market cultures are most likely to… View Article

Initial Public Offerings

Underpricing of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) is a historic norm in both developed and developing. Hiring of underwriters to place reasonable price for IPOs has been a custom of equity markets with average under pricing in between the range of 10-17%. However, during last decade, world view most unjustified under pricing ratios with the level… View Article

International Foreign Exchange Market

Foreign currency deposits are held by different countries in their national banks. They are the assets of the government which are held in hard currencies such as sterling, euro, dollar and yen. These currencies are used to protect the country against economic crisis and depreciation of currency (Timothy, 2009, p230). Everyday exchange rates are important… View Article

Global Financial Market Regulations

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is over. Many banks have repaid the bailout dollars and bonus payments are back. What was all the fuss about anyway? Nothing will change because the market will always find a way to overcome attempts to regulate it and the behavior of market participants. This paper attempts to address the… View Article

International Business Management

Briefly explain the concept of competitive advantage. The concept of competitive advantage is all about a characteristic of having an edge over another product or service that drives the customer to choose one product or service over another. This edge can be in the form of a functionality such as multi-simcard mobile phones, or mobile… View Article

Competition to Gain Competitive Advantage among Firms

In the current world market, there are many products and services available to fulfill the needs of individual and businesses. According to Barney, Wright and Ketchen (2001), to succeed in such a competitive market, a competitive advantage is required to provide any firm with necessary tools, useful in increasing sales and market share, improving profit… View Article

Industry analysis & competitor analysis

At present, the U. S. market is dominated by several major companies marketing weight loss products, such as NutriSystem, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. All of these companies sell pre-packaged diet food and offer additional services, such as weigh loss advice and counseling. NutriSystem specializes in comprehensive monthly food packages with a 28-day supply of… View Article

Islamic Commodity Market

1.0. Introduction The operations in the general business environment are very dynamic by nature. There is no doubt that the financial markets as well as the commodity markets need to structure their business operations, so as to meet the changing business environment demands as well as the expectations (United States. Congress. Senate. 2004). The main… View Article

The Middle East

Petroleum being one of the most indispensable resources to man is a commodity that is produced in one of the regions in the world characterized by people who sport long beards, dresses for both men and women and a turban. This region is the Middle East which is responsible for producing most of the world’s… View Article

What Is Meant by Market Failure

Why do some markets fail? Market failure is said to occur when the price mechanism is unable to allocate resources efficiently. Meaning that the forces of supply and demand lead to a net welfare loss in society, that the resources were not used to their maximum capacity. When there is market failure it is down… View Article

Goods That Must Be Provided by the Government

Public goods are good that have two special characteristics-non excludable and non-rivalable. Non-rivalable means that consume the goods of one person do not influence the consumption of others, of example traffic light, when a person use the traffic light, the quanlity of the light do not decrease, other can also use the goods under the… View Article


Learning Issues Chapter 1 (OKB) a) There was some mention about stakeholders in the problems, who are the stakeholders and what their stakes? 1. Capital market stakeholders In this case, the capital market shareholder of a firm is bank and shareholder. In this case the shareholder who gives OKB financial resources for OKB business. The… View Article

Hand Made Music Boxes

In a market where monopolistic competition exists, businesses operate in a manner wherein producers sell differentiated products from one another, yet similar. This means that the product is not homogenous. Firms can still market their products by the highlighting the slight differences in their output. The various producers in this type of market are selling… View Article