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Things Fall Apart
Original title Things Fall Apart
Author Chinua Achebe
Genre Philosophical Novel
Language English
Characters Okonkwo, Nwoye, Ezinma, Ikemefuna, Ojiugo, Ekwefi, Chielo, Okonkwo's father, Unoka, Mbaino ...
Published 1958
ISBN 0-385-24767-1
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About Things Fall Apart Book

Holding a certain position or authority demands responsibility, and bad decision-making and exercise of power can destroy the livelihood of common people. It happens especially when it comes under an outside influence that silently captures their resources and destitute their rights. And Things Fall Apart is all about the same thing!

Things Fall Apart surfaced in 1958 and were written by African author Achebe. It reflects the norms and culture of the African Igbo clan or community. The rules and principles the African community followed and how they affected their lives, collective thoughts, and betterment as a society. The novel’s protagonist had a rough childhood; his childhood experiences emotionally impacted him.

The next part of the story shows how an outsider’s influence to take control of a certain region in any form, whether its religion, force or any forces occupation, leaves the people in misery. It depicts that old traditions and culture are being eradicated from the people, and they can no longer exercise their free will.

Book Summary:

The storyline of things fall apart revolves around the Igbo clan in Umuofia, a Nigerian village, and depicts the events in the late 1880s. Like other tribal societies, Igbo people have their rituals, traditions, and way of living. The story shows some things that may contradict the modern standards, but it was present there, and they are contented with them.

But things start falling apart after the missioners or outsiders have arrived at their place. Igbo clan has their way of choosing their leader. The criteria are simple. It depends on a person’s contribution to their tribe and its worth. The tribesman respected Okonkwo, the leader of the Igbo clan, due to his achievements.

On committing an unjustifiable crime, he faced exile for around seven years; many things have changed; the missionaries arrived, influenced their way of living in different tribes, and stopped practicing and valuing their traditions. Upon his arrival back to his tribe, when Okonkwo finds that these people are no longer attached to their roots and they don’t go to take a stand for themselves, he loses all hope and commits suicide in the end.

Things Fall Apart Quotes:

Chinua Achebe is regarded as one of the famous writers of African literature; things fall apart highlights the effect of colonialism and how it impacts the way of living, traditions, and indigenous rights and captures the autonomy. Prominent quotes from things fall apart are:

  •     “There is no story that is not true.”
  •     “If you don’t like my story, write your own”
  •     “When the moon shines, the cripple becomes hungry for a walk.”
  •     “The world has no end, and what is good among one people is an abomination with others.”
  •     “A child cannot pay for its mother’s milk.”
  •     “There was a saying in Umuofia that the drums were beaten for him as a man danced.”

Essay Structure on Things Fall Apart:

The essay on things that fall apart may lose its credibility if not properly followed. You should also check the teaching Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe essay. Its structure includes everything from a well-thought-out thesis statement to body paragraphs with logical reasoning and a balanced and thought-provoking conclusion.


The start of the introduction must contain a hook statement from the book which attracts and engage the audience; it can be a fact, stat, a question, or rhetoric. It helps you engage not only your audience but also build your rhetoric.

The next introduction component includes the thesis statement; make sure to keep it relevant to the topic and define what you will explain further in your essay. The statement must be clear and not confusing for the audience.

The art of writing a good introduction lies in avoiding opposing statements; first, lay the foundation by stating a balanced thesis statement and then support your views with logic and reasoning later.


It starts with a brief overview of things falling apart, then explains the topic you choose and why it is important; all this must be followed by logical reasoning, facts, citations, and inclusion of outside resources after proper research.

All the things you include in your body paragraphs stay relevant to your essay and avoid distracting thoughts that may be unpleasant for the readers and distract them from the point of discussion. To increase the authenticity of your work, back your arguments with proven facts and other people’s work in the same domain. Keep the paragraphs transitioning on point.


There is no need to put any new or extra information in conclusion; start it with your main argument as described in the thesis statement, summarize your whole essay, and finally present your final verdict. Add the element of further investigation by inciting a call to action and encouraging the audience to participate.

Tips to Consider While Writing An Essay About Things Falling Apart:

There are multiple things that students need to consider and keep in their minds before writing an essay on a book, keep your mind in the learning phase, avoid unnecessary distractions, and research well before stating any facts.

Many ideas from Things Fall Apart are useful for drafting an essay. If you are still unclear about where to start, you can see the essay examples, clarify your doubts and start writing your piece.

Read the Book Thoroughly:

Reading the book is important for stating and analyzing the essay material. Although you can get a lot of help from the internet, you will miss the main argument here; you cannot understand the book’s essence and what its writer tries to say, which is crucial for your effective essay.

Do complete research whenever you include any information or any outside source, whether it’s a book, a research material, or a reference. It adds credibility and improves the authenticity of your essay.

Find a Compelling Topic:

Finding a compelling topic is necessary as it is later reflected in your essay. If you choose it wisely and understand it completely, you can explain it appropriately in your writing. You can also check the Things Fall Apart essay topics online and choose the one to write an essay.

While writing the Things Fall Apart covers essay, you will have to cover many aspects of the African people, their culture, and traditions. Then it also highlights the effect of colonialism and how it destroys the old traditional ways.

It also emphasizes the traits of a leader, the importance of the right upbringing, external factors, and most importantly, the people individually and collectively.

Create the Outline:

Creating an outline before starting writing can help students in many ways; they can manage their time, submit their essay within the timeline, and also helps in managing and including the necessary information. It also enables the student to maintain essay structure, prioritize data and relevancy, and avoid false or distracting information.

Write the Thesis Statement:

Things fall apart, highlighting colonialism’s effect on indigenous tribes of Africa, particularly in Nigeria. However, it seems that the British missionaries bring many positive changes, but it destroys the cultural tradition, values, and autonomy of tribes. Later these people were deprived of their basic rights and made them obey orders by force.

Include A Lesson Or Moral:

Including a lesson or moral in your essay increases its impact, lets your audience learn new things, or provides them with a new way of thinking. The moral lesson is directly related to your essay topic. It can be different. Things fall apart, emphasizing the importance of cultural values, traditions, and how they evolve with time.

But these communities and their way of living are destroyed by outside influence; without including them in the decision-making, they impact the people’s lives and leave them in misery. The right to exercise their culture and autonomy is very important for the prosperity of society.

Conclusion Proofread Your Work:

The conclusion includes your final verdict and states the finding of your argument. It should be open and gives the readers a new perspective or direction to think. The effect of colonialism is evident in today’s world to the nation that was colonized at some part of time are still struggling to uplift their people.

The right to practice own traditions, values, culture, and autonomy evolves with time and positively impacts society. Last but not least, upon completion, read your essay and correct mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main idea of Things Fall Apart?

The main idea of the things falls apart highlights the importance of autonomy and community principles and values. A collaborative approach is needed rather than forcefully imposing anything on people to bring a change, which later snatches their identity from themselves.

What is the plot summary of Things Fall Apart?

Okonkwo, leader of the Igbo clan, was sentenced to exile for seven years after murdering a clan member, but upon his return back to the clan, the situation is quite different; new things are introduced, and people are forced to adopt, which raises concerns, Okonkwo tries to gather his people against outsiders but fails in his attempt and commit suicide at last!

Is Things Fall Apart easy to read?

No, it’s not; Achebe is a natural writer, which reflects in his writing; he keeps the tone and language of the story simple and understandable to everyone who wants to read it.

Are Things Fall Apart a true story?

No, it’s not an original story; it may be close to some historical facts and regarded as historical fiction. The characters are fictional, but the places and tribes mentioned in the story existed.

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